Announcement of CSX Semaphore Auction


As reported in the February 2002 issue of CTC Board a district of original Monon semaphores (GRS Co 2A) between Ames and Greencastle, IN were removed from service on Nov 19, 2001. Nineteen of these units (mechanism + spectacle + blade) are now being offered for sale. It is our current understanding that the pinnacles, lamps and masts are not included in this auction. Bidders must indicate the number of units they are interested in and the price per unit they are willing to pay. Individual units will not be able to be specifically selected for bidding. Upon completion of the auction, the highest successful bidder will have the preference of the units selected. All available information is contained below.




Original CSX Notice:


We are making preparations to host an Auction of 19 Surplus Semaphore Signals using an electronic application provided by  In order to participate in this Auction, your company must establish an account with Railmarketplace as a registered member.  For information on Railmarketplace and to apply for the registration please link to


Processing a registration application can take 2 days.  Therefore, if you wish to participate, it is imperative that you register at your earliest convenience. The auction is scheduled for June 17th.


If you have specific questions related to this Auction, please contact Matt Hazelip on 904-359-1546 and/or reply to email


If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact Railmarketplace Customer Care by phone at 866-724-5658 or by email at


Once you have registered on railmarketplace and you have been activated by RMP (usually within 24 hours), you will receive the following email:


In order for the Railroads to invite you to bid on Auctions and other events, you will need to log into using the email address and password you used to register and then click on the Clarus e-Sourcing link in the yellow box.


Users’ guides are posted in the portal under the Help tab.


Please let us know if you have any questions. 


Best regards,


Customer Care

Railmarketplace, Inc.

(866) RAIL-MKT, option 2


As aid in navigating a few easy steps can be followed




Current Information Contained at


CSX Auction: GRS 2A upper quadrant top-of-mast Semaphores


Type: Dynamic Ascending Auction


Owner: Everett Eddy  CSX


Category:  Roadway


Time to Start:  1 Week


Time Remaining: Not started


Start Time: Jun 17, 2002 12:00:00PM EDST


End Time: Jun 17, 2002 2:00:00PM EDST


Maximum Number of Autoextensions: Unlimited


Autoextension Window: 5.00 min


Start Autoextension After Winning Bid: Yes


Decision Rule: Winner Determined by Mechanism


Anonymity Level: Winner and Winning Bid Info


Bidding  Anonymity: Bidder ID Concealed


Bid Restriction: Bidder Must Beat Own Previous Bid


Number of Identical Units for  Sale: 19


Minimum Bid  Quantity: 1


Minimum Bid Increment: 25.00 USD


Reservation Price: No


Minimum Starting Bid: 350.00 USD


Forms of Payment : Cashier's Check/Money Order




CSX Transportation is soliciting bids for the sale of 19 surplus semaphores. Semaphores were in working order when taken out of service but no guarantee is being made to their current condition. Semaphore is being sold WITHOUT poles. The semaphores consist of motor unit and blades. Local lift truck assistance is available to load semaphores on buyers truck. However, loader accepts no responsibility for any damage to buyer equipment. Arrangements can be made to band Semaphores on pallets and ship to designated location at Buyers expense. It is the buyers responsibility to inspect all units for which bids are submitted. coordinated prior to the bidder's arrival. Please contact Mark Clinton at Lincoln Industries 1-800-741-7112. Semaphores are being sold as is, where is, and no warranties implied with buyer assuming responsibility to remove within (30) thirty days. Acceptable forms of payment include cashiers checks and money orders. CSX reserves the right to review, accept or reject all bids, in whole or in part, to negotiate with any party, or reject all proposals and terminate this process. Buyers may choose to bid on any number of semaphores from 1 to 19. The semaphores will be awarded in a "ladder" style based on the highest bidder. The highest bidder will be allowed to choose which semaphores to take from the available pool. Once completed the next highest bidder will be allowed to choose which semaphores they will take. This will continue until semaphores are gone.