Have you Visited WWW.RailMarketPlace.com lately?








1. Go to www.RailMarketPlace.com


2. If a new user click on the Register Here Button and follow the instructions.


3. If already a registered user fill out your email and your password, then click the Login button.










4. You are now inside www.RailMarketPlace.com


5. Click on the button labeled Clarus located in the top row of buttons.

























6. Click on the Yellow Clarus button located on the left of the screen.  This will take you into Clarus.




















7. Once inside you will see any public auctions such as the one shown.  If you have been invited to a private auction, you will also see those auctions located here.


8. In order to view the auction or to place your bid click on the Item Description in this case you would click on Semaphores.


Any Questions or need help please call RailMarketPlace Customer Care at 1-866-724-5658, option 2.