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Updated 8/11/2000

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEMAPHORES.COM - August 11th 2001 News Update 'The word out on the street.' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Great Stand East of the Mississippi: The Monon. A complete photographic tour of the existing 67 Monon semaphores is up coming at this Fall. Recent talks appear positive with regards to a potential future CSX auction of the Monon semaphores after signaling upgrades are completed. When might this happen? It is anybodys guess as the human resources for a rapid and large scale signal upgrade project are not currently directed at this district. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Live List Updates Some overdue updates have been accomplished at our listing of Live Semaphores (8/01). Some states include CO, GA, Iowa, MT, NM, NY, IN, AL, MS, MI, MO, and OH. What is new? For example, find out how many T2s remain in service on the BNSF (ex ATSF). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Approach semaphore located in Gary, Indiana (Thu, 09 Aug 2001) Greetings. There are now 3 views of an IHB fixed approach semaphore on my site: This signal was still in service as of yesterday morning when the photographs were taken. I spotted it while riding a CSX business car traversing the adjacent ex -Conrail Porter Branch. The signal resides just east of Colfax Street, south of the intersection of Colfax and US20 on the west side of Gary. This is the distant signal protecting Ivanhoe interlocking on the IHB Miller Branch. I will post additional detail shots when I have an afternoon sun to work with. There are now 323 unique pictures on the photo archive section of my site. Online Historical Reference of Railroad Signal System aspects and indications Special thanks to Carl Barneyback -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More C&NW heritage semaphores located in Iowa (Fri, 3 Aug 2001) The Union Pacific's Jewell Sub between Ames and Eagle Grove, Iowa has three classic C&NW semaphores. All are distant signals for railway crossings at grade. From south to north, the first serves as the southern approach signal to the ex-IC crossing at Webster City, Iowa. The second serves as the south approach signal to the ex-CGW crossing at Eagle Grove, Iowa. The third serves as the north approach signal to the same crossing. Because of changes in operations there are now more trains running over this line. All three signals are very easily accessible from public locations with plenty of parking. Good hunting. Thanks again to Charles W. Bohi (White River Jct., VT 05001) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chicago Semaphore Alert (Wed, 25 Jul 2001) Hi Eric, In case it hasn't gotten to you. The two bridges at the lead to Northwestern Station (Ogilvy Transportation Center) in Chicago appear to be in the process of being replaced. One set (The ones closer to the station) has a replacement bridge already (covered as of now). Unfortunately these are pretty difficult to photograph well. It's too bad as these are really impressive installations. Arthur Gross -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Museum Semaphore at Osage City KS (Wed, 18 Jul 2001) There is a US&S Co. T-2 (possibly from a cantilever bridge) on display in front of the Depot Museum near 5th & Market streets in Osage City, KS. It's lenses and light box have been removed (they are stored in the museum). The museum is currently closed, but the T-2 can be viewed anytime. There's also a US&S Co. relay case and 2 motor car indicators inside. Bobby Youngers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inquiry for Diagrams (Tue, 24 Jul 2001) Is it possible to get a copy of the wiring diagrams, operation manual, and other related material on a T-2 semaphore. The Eastern Nebraska chapter of the National Railway Historical Society (Fremont, NE) has one of these signals and I have plans to make this unit function again for a siding we are building on the Fremont & Elkhorn Valley Railroad. Any help that railfans offer will be most welcomed. As this project is progressing slowly, I plan to keep all informed that a semaphore will be put into service soon rather than disappearing as is too often the case these days. Chaz Egbers DonŐt forget to take advantage of the PDF download files now available! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Montana RailLink Update (Wed, 11 Jul 2001) All - I had been cruising around your site when it dawned on me that you had not updated the Montana page to reflex the semaphores that MRL removed this past October 2000. Below are the ones retired between Thompson Falls and Childs, MT. 42.2E-P 42.3W-P-Colorlight 40.2E 39.9W 37.7W-PBelknap 37.6E-PBelknap Sorry for not letting you guys know sooner. The signal project for this year will retire the ones between Eddy and Woodlin, MT later this summer. Dave Franz (Missoula, MT) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ohio Updates: Targets, semaphores, and people (Sat, 14 Jul 2001) The tilting-target signal at Overpeck Junction was removed in the spring of 2000. I also regret to say Mike Leach passed away last fall. There is also a semaphore on the I&O (former DT&I) in Springfield, Ohio as the advance signal for the Lagonda Interlocking with the former NYC Mechanicsburg Branch. It is on the north side of the crossing in fixed approach with a wooden blade and broken lenses. Also there is a tilt signal located at the 8th Street Interlocking in Cincinnati, Ohio. It protects the NS / CSX interlocking. Great site! - Erik Landrum Railroads of Cincinnati - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATSF semaphore in captivity (Mon, 9 Jul 2001) Dear Eric, It's been along time since I wrote you last. Enclosed are some pictures of my T2 in it's final resting place where we recently moved. I know it doesn't have the proper base to it, but had I had the recent connections I do now it would have been setting on a 3' apparatus cabinet. Hope you like the pictures. I am also going to write you the contact I made here in California which could benefit others who are looking for signals. Sincerely, Mike Stewart -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source of Santa Fe Signal Materials (Mon, 9 Jul 2001) Eric, I know of a gentleman here in California who has a whole yard full of signals, ladders, apparatus cabinets. Now these are not semaphores, but they are the next of a fading history coming sooner than one expects. The gentlemanŐs name is Bill Gust. He is a recently retired engineer off the Santa Fe and has access to recently replaced signals and parts from the former ATSF main between Barstow and Needles. The signals that Bill has are the old tri-lights with the instrument cases (they were the one's which had that large black back board where the 3 lights set. They have largely been replaced with the new 3 spot hooded signals that UP and BNSF currently favor. He also has the single and double searchlight signals too. These all have bases, poles, the appropriate signal number plates, ladders, and small pointed pinnacles. In essence, these are complete signals! He is not asking an arm or a leg for them either. That's where I got my ladder from. If you or anyone is interested I am enclosing his phone number. 760-253-7233. He has probably 40 to 50 of these type of signals. He is a great guy and very easy to work with (being a rail buff himself). Respectfully, A very special thanks to Mike Stewart for sharing this contact information and especially Bill Gust for having the personal vision to preserve this material and generosity to help out other signal enthusiasts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Up and Coming Museum Display in Lowell, OR (Sun, 1 Jul 2001) Dear Eric, The city of Lowell, OR. has been building a park recently. The basic theme of this park is the railroad and the importance it has played in the city's history. The park also reflects on the local logging industry's history. There are several old pieces of logging equipment on display, along with interpretive panels describing them. We poured a concrete walkway from one end of the park to the other. The walkway is textured to resemble railroad tracks. Somebody generously donated an old two flag semaphore to the park (undoubtedly a US&S style B). We've fixed it up to look pretty nice and installed next to the railroad tracks. We plan on supplying power to it and having it change positions every hour. We want to put up an interpretive panel explaining what it is and what the various positions of the mean. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find anybody who knows about this stuff. Can you help? Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I'd be glad to send a picture if you want. Thanks loads. Kevin Smith The excellent pages of Carsten S. Lundsten should clear this up. See also Rick Perry's signaling site for a detailed explaination of the Style B mechanism and operation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Union Switch & Signal Style B Semaphore for Sale (Sun, 24 Jun 2001) I currently own the above type semaphore along with a 19 foot pole, 2 spectacles, 2 blades, 2 lights, access ladder, motor that I purchased several years ago from the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad. I have refinished it per the 1935 standard that I found (white pole with black features). It looks just like the semaphore in your photo with the UP E-units. The only item missing is the housing box for the motor and power supply and the glass dome on the motor. Also there is a slight crack in one of the light boxes. I can provide images if desired. The unit when I purchased it had many broken glass lenses and plastic replacements. New authentic glass lenses have since been purchased through your website. I live in Renton, Washington and am contemplating selling the entire unit if the price is right and the buyer is willing to pick up or have it shipped at his expense. Doug Tilley -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "New" approach semaphore in Grinnell, Iowa (Wed, 30 May 2001) A distant signal exists south of the depot in Grinnell, Iowa, on the old M&ST.L line which is now the UP RR. Special Thanks to Gary Smith. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alabama is now on the live list. (Mon, 7 May 2001) There is a picture on my website of a still powered semaphore in Talladega, AL. on the old Southern line running between Anniston and Wilton. The semaphore is very easily accessible and only 1/4 mile or less from the center of town where it crosses the CSX tracks. You can go Here to my Home Page or directly to the Norfolk Southern Page where the pictures is located. Dale Burns Visit Dale's Alabama Rail Pic's at: and please sign my Guestbook. Join my discussion group, Central Alabama Railroads Image with update at -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Semaphores on the UP (Mon, 30 Apr 2001) Check out the following Union Pacific web site: Thanks to Steve Crise and Mark Arnold (Carlton, MN) Note: This article was originally submitted by photographer Steve Crise, and thereafter loosely edited and substantially modified by the UP RR, also this page strangely seems to crash some programs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B&O CPL update from Nova, Ohio (Thu, 3 May 2001) The ornate cast-iron Federal Railway Signal Co. bracket post signal at West Nova, OH is still standing but out of service as reported. Sadly, this represents the very last example of this type of bracket post in the US. This style was once common at B&O interlocking facilities where they hosted unique lower quadrant semaphores. This was observed on 5/2/01 (and also 7/1/01). The next signal west of here is also new style, but the CPL's are still standing. The signals at mp 186, mp 187 and mp 188 (Also known as Ramey) are still standing, but the approach to Greenwich is the new style. That is all for now! Thanks to Dale A. DeVene Jr. and Eric Schmelz -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEMAPHORES.COM - April 22nd 2001 News Update 'The word out on the street.' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Erie Railroad Semaphores: And then there was one

On March 20th 2001 the last pair of original Erie RR style S semaphores at Ellistown, NY were removed from service. This leaves the last style S semaphore in service at Endicott, NY near MP 224. Photographers will be disappointed to learn that this signal currently lacks it's original ornate pinnacle, having been replaced with a crossing gate cap. While tragic, I'm pretty sure that no one ever imagined any Erie semaphore lasting this long.

Information thanks to many. Especially Dave V. and Tom G.


BNSF (former AT & SF Ry)

As previously announced all T2s have been pulled from the Raton Subdivision (Model to Mindeman, CO). Thus the state of New Mexico harbors the last great stand of these signals. On the Las Vegas Subdivision, semaphores still dominate between Colmor and Watrous sidings. Connoisseurs of this district will note that the E. end of Levy siding has been replaced with modern colorlight signals. Heading W. all semaphores are gone between Watrous and Las Vegas. On the Glorieta Subdivision semaphores exist between Las Vegas and Blanchard with a pure string between Ojita and Chapelle sidings. Less photographed are the few staggered (i.e. not side by side as pairs) semaphores between Waldo and Lamy. The final section of blades exists between Domingo and Bernalillo. There is an unidentified photographer living in the S.W. US who is working on a web site which will detail each semaphore location in painful detail. One can only hope that this worth while endeavor will be made available before the last ATSF semaphores are removed. The good news is that there does not seem to be any large scale removal projects looming in the immediate future for the last T2s.


Vestiges of the Southern Pacific: the style Bs

Union Pacific: There are no new changes in the status of the Phoenix Line. Signals remain "in service" however no though rail service exists between Phoenix and Wellton, AZ.

Central Oregon and Pacific: Style Bs continue to fall as money becomes available to upgrade signal systems. The most accurate and timely information regarding status can be found at Larry Tuttle’ s excellent site. Unless you live in Roseburg, OR it’s hard to get more up to date information than this. Semaphores are made available for sale by contacting the CORP in writing as advised in "Notes on buying a semaphore". I do appreciate the many alerts of CORP semaphores being made for sale, however I have been directing people to the Signal Supervisor (Rich Gollen) since March 1998. While availability may vary, in general this has been a standing offer, and thus not entirely "news".

Extensive coverage of CORP semaphores

Current signal upgrading projects


Montana RailLink

To my knowledge there have not been any major changes in the status of the remaining GRS Co Base-of-mast 2A semaphores between Paradise and Superior, MT. As far as purchasing a MRL semaphore (former NP) the price seems to have risen slightly. As listed on the MRL Corporate web site the price appears to be $2000. While at the very high end of actual market value, I do commend MRL management for their open and straight forward approach to preservation. Please show me where the price of historic signals are listed the web sites of CSX, NS or UP.


CSX Monon:

I have heard from a few people that both the North and South ends of the former Monon are seeing some signal construction. However, I don't have any specific details in hand yet. Please contact us if you have any removal information.


Semaphores in Illinois (Sat, 31 Mar 2001)

The mechanical semaphores at Brighton Park Junction and the C&NW 2As at Northwestern Station remain in service. It has been rumored that Brighton Park may solider on as "NS has no immediate plans for replacement" in an except from the Wall Street Journal.

Information thanks in part to Bobby Joe Stevens

Maine Central Semaphore Picture Submitted

Dear Eric,

I have a photo of a Maine Central unusual double-fishtail Style B LQ approach signal at Waterville, ME, 1952. I'm about to have a 5 X 7 copy made to have scanned to your Semaphores web site. Do you have any suggestions about the submission?

Donald F. Morrison

Don: Thanks so much for the image, track layout, story and patience! This rarely documented double fishtail semaphore has now been posted. I greatly appreciate high quality donated material. Please realize however that this site is updated as free time allows, thus delays are often caused by washouts, derailments, red signals and life.


An unusual request for information (Mon, 2 Apr 2001)

Dear Sir,

I work at railway signal system of Turkish State Railways. I research semaphore signals. Can you send me document about your semaphore signals (with mechanic and electric diagrams). You can send by post or e-mail.


Mahmut Yetkin

Who knows maybe if we supply him with plans for Hall style H's and other gems they will build them for use on their railways?


PDF files (Sat, 17 Mar 2001)

Thank you (and Paul Nelson) for your work in producing and posting the Maintenance Pamphlet for the style "B" semaphore. Very professional job along with ease of printing.

Ronald E. Koger

Please Note: Our free PDF section is going to frequently expand. The U.S. & S. Co style 'S' maintenance pamphlet has just been posted 4/15/01, and should be shortly followed by the T2 (and GRS 2A) maintenance pamphlets. We are looking are information on Hall Signal Co. style L semaphores and Federal Ry Signal Co. type 4. If you have interesting material you would like to share with others please contact us.


Australian Semaphores (Sun, 25 Mar 2001)


I have just read your web site and found it very interesting. I recently saved a signal from the scrapmetal merchants, here in Australia. It's an upper quadrant semaphore, which I intend to restore to working order. I really related to the article on purchasing and moving a semaphore!

Stephen Daymond

Antwerp + Napoleon, OH. Wabash stop signals (Fri, 30 Mar 2001)

The mentioned stop/crossing signals are still in place at Antwerp as of 2000. Also the illustrated stop/crossing signals are still in place at Napoleon.

Dwight Zerkle


CORP Semaphores (Fri, 30 Mar 2001)

CORP has removed several sets of semaphores along the south end of the Siskiyou line recently. They are offering them for sale ($1200 for a single set, and $1500 for a double) Ron Trowbridge, a close friend of mine has picked up double set #477.4 In the attached photo #3, Ron is in the green jacket and Rick, CORP's signal maintainer, is on the forklift. You can post these on your website if you like.

Ted Curphey

Semaphores in New York (Thu, 22 Feb 2001)

Hi Eric;

On the Southern tier line (in New York); the semaphore in Smithboro, I think mp 247.2 (eastbound), has been replaced with a regular lighted signal. I believe this happened sometime in the fall of last year. In any event, it's most definitely gone! Only 5 left on this line!

If you need anymore info, just let me know.

Calvin B. Larrabee


CO&E semaphore (Sun, 25 Feb 2001)


Attached is a photo of a semaphore on the Crab Orchard & Egyptian RR in Marion, IL. This used to be an IC depot at one time, but I do not know if the semaphore is of IC origin.

Butch G.


Semaphore Parts Listing? (Thu, 15 Feb 2001)

Hi Eric,

You may not remember my name, but think back to the CSX auction where there were a handful of guys at Rushville at the end of the auction dismantling their treasures. The reason that I am writing is to ask you if you have ever thought about using your web site as a vehicle for collectors of semaphores who are in need of various parts to either complete or repair a semaphore back to operating status. There must be many guys out there in need of parts to complete a project. On the other hand there must also be guys out there that might be sitting on spare parts and willing to part with them for a price, to help someone out and at the same time help to promote the hobby we all enjoy so much. Maybe you could have a section of your web site devoted to sources for parts or requests from individuals needing certain parts. Maybe this topic has already been brought up with you. When you have a spare moment get back to me with your thoughts on it.


Rick Randall General Policy: Please contact us if you have something major you want to post for sale. If the sale appears to be legitimate (i.e. please don't ask us to sell a half-dozen "hot" B&O dwarf CPLs from Illinois) and from a reputable seller we will post it as a community service. Our history with this so far has been that people ask for our help and then never give the us the information. I've had multiple people keep asking for help, yet time after time detailed information is not supplied. If you don't know what it is that you want to sell, we can't help you.


Some semaphore photos and a few links (Wed, 28 Feb 2001)


In my current search for what I can find about Michigan's rail history, I've come across some semaphore images that you might be interested in. They are located at a web site devoted to Michigan's passenger stations. This one has a semaphore along the tracks, although the tracks may no longer be live since CSX took the switch out.

Another pic of the same type of Semaphore, but at a different depot. Its now a museum. Also I came across some pictures taken around the turn of the last century of a recently rebuilt depot (Witches Hat Depot) in my town which had some semaphores on them, but both were lower quadrant. In fact they seemed different from the semaphores that I see on your pages. I've found a few photos of this example, I think most of them existed on the Grand Trunk Railroad lines, but I'm not sure. An old photo featuring the lower quadrant type.

The South Lyon Depot. Unfortunately the old photo doesn't show the semaphore that I was describing but the second link shows it, although this is at another, but similar station in Saranac, MI.

The South Lyon depot no longer stands at its old location on the PM/GTW line (later the C&O and now CSX line, GTW abandoned their Jackson subdivision and removed their tracks through town sometime in the mid-late 80s, leaving only a tiny part left which is now run by the COE RR [dinner train]) although its still standing elsewhere. Its semaphore is gone, probably replaced in the 20s/30s/40s with what appears to be the biggest color searchlight signal I've seen (even bigger than the ones I see on the CSX/GTW lines all over Michigan, I think its a GRS one, but I'll have to check. Also some links of interest, mostly to signal fans. Although CSX might have removed and replaced some of the B & O CPL signals, they aren't gone forever. In fact new ones are still being manufactured and sold, you can read the product literature at General Railway Signal’s web site (now Alstom Signaling:$File/typeU.pdf

Or if that link doesn't work, just visit the whole

site: They also sell searchlight & color light signals. Unfortunately they don't have any semaphores or semaphore parts listed on their site. Fans of the PRR Style position light signals can go to Union Switch & Signal's page: or just go to There is even an online ordering catalogue, no wayside signaling up as of yet Just thought I'd pass along this info.

Christofer Evangelista

Special thanks to Chris for some very interesting links.


Michigan Semaphore (Fri, 2 Mar 2001)

I ran across your website, and thought I'd make a few additions that I'm not sure you're aware of. I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and we have a few objects of interest here. There is one actual semaphore left around here (the only one I have seen this side of the state besides in Manistee) on the Norfolk Southern, ex-Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Grand Rapids branch. It is the northward approach to the BO interlocking and is in a permanent "approach" position, at the crossings of Portage and Vine streets. The other is a strange sort of is located on the NS,former Grand Rapids and Indiana southward approach to the interlocking. It is an active single target signal, but with a metal semaphore-like blade in the approach position bolted to it.

Sincerely, Ben Higdon

Semaphore on Kokosing Gap Trail (Fri, 23 Feb 2001)


Could you add our semaphore to your museum list. It is on the Kokosing Gap Trail in Gambier, Ohio. We also have a restored 1924 Chesapeake & Ohio caboose and will soon be moving a 1940 Alco 0-6-0 to be with our caboose. Attached is photo of semaphore at our picnic shelter. Thanks.

Phil Samuell

Kokosing Gap Trail


An interesting private display (Fri, 9 Feb 2001)

Hello, Just dropped by your site and was quite pleased to see someone else sharing my passion for signaling. Outside my window, in my yard is a Union Switch and Signal Style B sitting next to the house. Behind the garage is another style S upper quad and across the street I have a double upper quad next to my two cabooses. The one behind the garage has the mechanism in it, I just have to finish the wiring and set up. Also have a big old Pennsy position light across the street and some colored lights from the Philadelphia elevated hooked up and lighted in the yard. Some neighbors like the stuff the others I really don't care. Forgot to mention, I built a signal tower from scratch, it is across the street next to the caboose. The tower is single story and was constructed to resemble the CNJ or Pennsy style. Gabled roof and batten sides, just like the old ones. Interior has an interlocking machine model 14 style with model board, telegraph and old telephone equip. All authentic right down to the light switches. Kind of like stepping back into the nineteen thirties. This is all located in northeastern PA.

Best Wishes Paul

Not all Indy Semaphores Dead yet!!! (Fri, 9 Feb 2001)

There is one remaining semaphore in Indianapolis that I know of. It is located on the old PRR Louisville line about 5 miles south of IU Tower. The signal faces south for northbound traffic, but the aspect has never changed that I can tell. The signal has only the red and amber lenses on it and the blade itself is pointed and painted yellow and black. I'll try to get a few pics as soon as I can.


Saginaw Semaphore (Fri, 26 Jan 2001)

I would like to make a correction for the location of the semaphore in Saginaw MI, i was there two days ago and discovered it quite by accident since the road it is off of is a dead end, it is off of N 6th street, and not N 16th street, there is no N 16th street.

Todd Sestero


Erie Semaphores in NYS (Sat, 27 Jan 2001)

Hi!! I just got on line and came across your site. One bit the dust back in the fall. It was one that was in the worst of shape. Blade was quite rusty. That one was signal 245.2 Eastbound on track 2 at Smithboro, NY. The ones that are left are Track 1 Signal 251.1, (see my photo in Railpace, last year with train NS 25K) Track 2 Signal 251.2 Ellistown,, Signal 249.2 Barton, Signal 247.2 Barton easiest one to shoot, Signal 224.2 Endicott. The signal on the Finger Lakes, is a Approach Restricting signal does not convey track condition. It is an approach signal to a controlled signal such as an interlocking . We had one at Jersey Shore, PA on the Former Corning Secondary Track until its abandonment in 1988. I have one semaphore which sits in the garage. Came from the EL at Chemung, NY when the signal was retired.

Thanks to Donald J.


Some Monon News (Mon, 1 Jan 2001)

You are welcomed to use the jpg I forwarded to your web site, I ask that you give proper credit on the photo.I did take a look at the link you forwarded. I have a couple of additional corrections to your Monon List as follows:

MP 132.5 is the North End of Romney

MP 133.2 is the South End of Romney

Drop reference to Corwin at that location Signal at MP 134.6 shows southbound signal without number plate, correct southbound signal to show having number plate, it is 134.5. That is not considered Linden at that location, might drop reference and just call Corwin. At 147.1, the "shorty" signal shows southbound on your list, it is NORTHBOUND. The signals at 147.6 are called "Main Street", known as such. Change reference to reflect.

That is as far south as I go, hope it helps a little.

L.S. Walters

Special thanks to Larry Walters


Previous Message ( Merrillan, WI)

I just happened to find your site. Very interesting. Just as an update on the two messages you had concerning the GB&W and C&NW crossing at Merrillan, WI (my hometown). There never were any semaphores guarding the interlocker there, even when it was manually operated by the operator in the depot, which was until the early 80's. Both the C&NW and GB&W approach lights were fixed position, I believe GRS. Until the late 50's or early 60's there was a large signal bridge over the C&NW tracks just south of the junction but those were also fixed lights. There was a semaphore order board at the depot on the C&NW. My memory of the set-up would go back to about the mid 50's.

Bob Gile

Eau Claire, WI


Upper quadrant semaphores in Victoria (Fri, 15 Dec 2000 )

Here in Melbourne (Australia) there are, as of last month, about 52 posts with upper quadrant semaphores on them. By Feb/Mar 2001 there will be none. For some reason a purge on them has commenced starting with the fine collection of two arm signals between Kensington and Newmarket. Will endeavor to send photos of happier days soon.

David Langley.


Some "New" Fixed position approach semaphores (December 2, 2000)

Location: Holly Springs, Mississippi Two (2) "high mast" semaphores set in fixed caution position are in service on the Mississippi Central Railroad to protect the crossing with the BNSF Birmingham Subdivision. Location: Pleasant Hill, Missouri One (1) "high-mast" semaphore set in fixed caution position was being used by the Rock Island to protect crossing of ex Missouri Pacific Carthage Subdivision. This signal is located west of town at the "Big Creek" bridge and can be seen looking east from a dirt road where the (ex) MP and RI tracks run side-by-side. This line now owned by Union Pacific (not the new Missouri Central shortline). I suspect there was another signal being used on the east side of this crossing. Information regarding the current status of these signals would be greatly appreciated. Information Thanks to Karl Lee Sollmann

Preserved semaphore (December 3, 2000)

Location: New Oxford, PA I have an addition to your list of preserved semaphores. The Conewago Valley Model Railroad Club operates a museum in the former Western Maryland station in New Oxford, PA. We have a Western Maryland train-order signal (lower quadrant) which came from the Glenville, PA station. It is mounted inside the station (the Railroad wouldn't let us put it up outside), and is fully operational. We also have a rather nice collection of lanterns and other related items including a former PRR four-wheel cabin and a Western Maryland RPO car. We're open the first and third Sunday of the month, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Special thanks to Steve Carbaugh (

More Losses in New Mexico: ATSF semaphores fall at Levy (December 1, 2000)

Dear Eric I don't know if you saw this already but there is a report in the railfan report section of indicating that the blades at the east end of Levy Siding have been replaced by tri color heads. Upon further clarification it was indicated that the semaphores at the west end are still intact as of 11/28/00. Thought I'd pass it on if you hadn't heard about this. Thanks to Hal Reiser and participants of (Note from the editor: During the past months, I have heard numerous reports of activity at Levy. Failure to post this information was due largely to self denial. It seems the last great district of western semaphores is now chopped in half. Of benefit to those pondering a future trip to NM, all remaining T2s will soon be detailed with images and information at .

Future Orange Empire Signal Display in Perris, CA (Wed, 15 Nov 2000)

Hello! Just dropping a line to compliment you on your site and to add a bit of news regarding museum signals. Dan Furtado, Paul Krot, and myself have proposed an operating signal display for the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, California. There will be highway flashers; wigwags; block and trolley signals and even a rare electric bell (circa 1914) that for years served at a crossing in Anaheim. The proposal has been fully accepted and we've begun work on the garden which will include a working semaphore. That particular signal's currently a static display on a very short pole, precariously balanced on a wooden palette. The mechanism is due for a major cleaning, but complete. A couple of volunteers are retired signal technicians and can help us do it right. Thanks for your time! Thanks to Ralph Squillace for the good word in Perris, CA.

Update on preserved Boston and Maine style Bs (Tue, 21 Nov)

Hello!! I'm glad to see there are those who websites dedicated to the preservation of vanishing breeds! I just wanted to add to your list a lower quadrant semaphore located at the Conway Scenic RR. It does operate, located just south of the station. It is a short-stemmed style B (I believe). Pointed blade on top, fishtail on the bottom. The number painted on it is not its original number for the number is where it is currently located. I the can't remember off-hand, although it is prefaced by the letters "CO" which were the letters for the Conway Branch block signals. Of interest to signal historians, one semaphore oddity was the west bound approach to the Waterville, ME interlocking. This was a double "fishtail" semaphore. My uncle loved signals (and I intensively studied signal aspects of the B&M and MEC with him). He used to laugh himself to sleep when he asked crews what they called "yellow-yellow" on the double fishtail, and they often said "approach slow" (the color light equivalent on the MEC)!! That could mean, with the signal showing its most restrictive aspect, that the engineer could plow into a caboose just around the corner!! Anyhow, I have a pointed blade and fishtail screwed into the wall above the entryway into our dining room. I its a great way to enter and leave every day!! If you have any questions about B&M or MEC semaphores, I may be able to help you out!! Many thanks to Ken Jackman! (Ken is currently working on getting an image of the "double fishtail" semaphore for posting at

Addition to Semaphore Museum List (Sat, 21 Oct 2000)

Hi, Nice site for us signal fans! I'd like to add to your Museum semaphore list. Here at the Ohio Railway Museum, we have 2 upper-quadrant semaphores on a mast next to the depot. These are manually operated three-aspect semaphores and are installed as train-order or block-limit signals, such as would be found at a typical small-town depot. Both are fully functional and can be illuminated at night. We also have a complete semaphore blade assembly (including blade, head and lenses) in our shop, set up for display purposes. Ohio Railway Museum PO Box 777 990 Proprietors Rd. Worthington, OH 43085 614-885-7345 I also noticed an error for correction; the Nelsonville depot used by the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway is not actually the original (restored) Nelsonville depot, but rather a very nice recreation designed and constructed by students of the nearby Hocking Technical College. Thanks to Tom. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fort Wayne RR Historical Society: Looking for a style S (Wed, 11 Oct 2000)

The Fort Wayne RR Historical Society have most of an Erie "S" semaphore and most of a couple of " Magnetic Flagman" grade crossing signals. We would like to restore them to add to our signal collection. We also need an illustrated parts breakdown drawing or appropriate maintenance manual to ascertain what we need to collect to have a complete signal. A readable photocopy would be just fine. Could you steer us to someone who could help us? Thanks a lot..... Glenn Brendel, Director -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

More Monon Corrections (Wed, 11 Oct 2000)

Eric, I have a couple of corrections to your Monon list, they follow: MP 132.5 is the North End of Romney MP 133.2 is the South End of Romney Drop reference to Corwin at that location Signal at MP 134.6 shows southbound signal without number plate, correct southbound signal to show having number plate, it is 134.5. That is not considered Linden at that location, might drop reference and just call Corwin. At 147.1, the "shorty" signal shows southbound on your list, it is NORTHBOUND. The signals at 147.6 are called "Main Street", known as such. That is as far south as I go, hope it helps a little. Many thanks to L.S. Walters -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Verification of ex-Monon semaphores 10-09-00

Here is an accurate listing from sightings yesterday: MP130.6(SOUTH RAUB)(N)-400' NORTH OF CR925S MP132.5(CORWIN)(PAIR)-.7 MILE SOUTH OF HWY IN-28 MP133.2(CORWIN)(PAIR)-.2 MILE NORTH OF CR 1200S MP134.6(PAIR)-.6 MILE NORTH OF BENNETT RD MP135.5(PAIR)-.6 MILE SOUTH OF BENNETT RD-NO ACCESS MP147.1(PAIR)-.2 MILE NORTH OF COAL RECEIVING NEAR SERVICE RD MP147.6(PAIR)- WALLACE & MAIN STS MP148.2(N)-.2 NORTH OF AMES INTERLOCKING MP149.6(PAIR)-AT SOUTH END OF AMES SIDING MP154.2&3-(PAIR)(WHITESVILLE)-SOUTH END OF SIDING BY MILL ON CR400E MP156.2(PAIR)-.7MILE NORTH OF CR 750S MP158.1&2-.6 NORTH CR900S MP160.7&8(PAIR)-DIRECTLY BEHIND PEAVY CO. MP163.2(PAIR)-.2 NORTH OF CR1200N MP164.8(PAIR)-.4MILE SOUTH OF CR 1100N MP166.1(S)-.4MILE NORTH OF CR900N MP166.8(N)-.4 MILE SOUTH CR900N MP167.5(PAIR)-.05 MILE SOUTH OF CR800N NEW NEW NEW MP171.4(N)-.6 MILE SOUTH CR400N COULD NOT FIND A ROAD TO ACCESS MP174.5 Many thanks to TOM LaMaire -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Museum Semaphore in Gambier, Ohio (Wed, 27 Sep 2000)

Eric, A train-order semaphore was recently restored and placed on the Kokosing Gap Trail in Gambier, Ohio. Thanks to Phil Samuell ( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Enid, OK: Santa Fe Fixed Position Approach Signals (Fri, 29 Sep 2000)

Eric, I saw a message about the fixed blade approach signals used on the former SL-SF in Enid, OK. Also saw where a B.J. Hadley reported that blades were still intact as of last 11/02/1999. Well, here are the shots of the semaphores that Hadley and I took that day! As a bonus, I live in East Texas, and Hadley and I got a few shots of Interlocking 127, also known as the GC&SF (Santa Fe) and SP crossing at Tenaha, TX. back on May 3, 1996. Found one shot, and will forward more when we find them. Thanks to R D-P -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

N.Y. O. & W. Ry Train Order Semaphore (Tue, 19 Sep 2000)

Eric: Page looks better than ever. I took this last Fri. with a digital camera standing on top of the station canopy. This still stands on what used to be the headquarters of the now abandoned New York Ontario & Western Railway. The building is still used but is in decline which is why I wanted to get this photo. As far as I know the signal was left in the exact position when the O&W became the first class I railroad to fully abandon on March 29th 1957. Organization: Ontario & Western Railway Historical Society -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Another Erie Blade has Fallen (Fri, 08 Sep 2000)

The former Erie semaphore located at Smithboro, New York (MP 245 track two) has been replaced with a triangular trilight signal. This was an isolated case of replacement, but all subsequent mechanical failures will result in replacement of the now-five remaining Erie semaphores. I have been told that is safely in the hands of its new owner, which accounted for the blade a good long time ago. I have posted some photos of the signal before it was replaced, as well as some other views of the various Erie blades. Thanks to Brian Plant -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Notes on Preserved California Semaphores (Fri, 4 Aug 2000)

Redding, CA A US&S Co. Style B semaphore is on display at downtown bus station across from railroad passenger station. Painted black and white and configured as distant signal (yellow blade, c.1920). Simonian Farms at the southeast corner of Jensen and Clovis Avenues in south Fresno, CA has a single arm home signal which I believe to be the former westbound signal from the west switch at Siskiyou, MP 411.1. The four single arm semaphores in Dunsmuir, CA are configured as two home signals and two distant signals (w/ yellow blades). Info thanks to Rick Somers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Chicago Information (Mon, 07 Aug 2000)

In your "Chicago" listing for "living" Illinois semaphores, there is a 4/99 message posted that mentions Brighton Park Junction. I wish to confirm the semaphores and their operator, in his tiny shack, were alive and quite busy August 5, 2000. I spent the day there in utter rapture at this 19th-century throwback operation. Even a UP engineer got off his stopped train and took snapshots. It is as advertised: "the single coolest place left in the U.S." For the convenience of visiting railfans, the ex-Conrail operator, now a Norfolk Southern employee, communicates on 161.07 mHz (AAR channel 24). The semaphores on signal bridges B and C are also still very much in operation a short distance from Northwestern Station in downtown Chicago. Thanks to John Fuller (Alexandria, VA) for this update. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ABS on the Altenheim S.D. CSX in Chicago, IL (1 Jul 2000 )

Dear There is a bracket post semaphore on CSX (B&OCT) on the Altenheim S.D. west of downtown Chicago, Illinois. The location is in the old Sears and Roebuck Complex west of Ogden Ave Jct. The signal is not really accessible from the street and, in many other respects, it resides in a difficult area. The semaphore is west of the old Sears Tower in the vicinity of the old Coke Plant. There was some talk about doing away with the ABS up there, but I would look for CTC next year if the Wisconsi Central deal goes through....but then again, maybe it won't. Special Thanks to D.C. !!! To my knowledge all remaining ATSF cantilever semaphores have been removed (Lewis, KS was the last to go). The GRS 2A bracket posts in Salem, IN and Indianapolis,IN (State Street Yard) have also been removed. Thus a complete list of North American semaphore bracket post signals is quite short. 1) Brighton Park Junction (mechanical) 2) Hallett Tower 3) Altenheim S.D. Please Contact if you feel this list is unfairly abbreviated. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

No Blades Here: Merrillan, WI update (Sat, 2 July 2000)

There are no semaphores on the former GBW at Merrillan WI. The approach signals are GRS semaphore light units fitted with amber roundels and backgrounds. I recall looking over the UP (former CNW) also at this location noting no semaphores. This information correct as of 1996 when I was there. If you'd like I should have a distant photo of this location for your reference. Dave Verzi Columbia Station, Ohio ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Original Posting Merrillan, WI I "believe" there are semaphores governing the approaches to the automatic interlocking at Merrillan, Wis. on the WC's Whitehall Sub(former GBW)---am not sure about the UP(former CNW). I will look myself some day and let you know. Information thanks to C. J. Urban. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

LIVE CSX semaphore reported at Manistee, Michigan (Sat, 15 Jul 2000)

There is a distant semaphore near US-31 crossing north of the drawbridge over the Manistee River. It is an approach semaphore used in conjunction with the absolute signal for bridge alignment at Manistee. Semaphore is for southbound movement towards the bridge. Special thanks to Tom LaMaire -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mass Signals: The Edaville Collection

Hello Eric. First of all, great site. I am the webmaster for Edaville Railroad ( My wife and I maintain the signals here at Edaville Railroad located in Carver, Ma. Most of the signals are former B&M signals and are currently owned by Mr. Dave Barns, who is our mentor and supervisor. We have several Style B semaphores on the property, and style K's, along with several target's, dwarfs, one Pennsylvania style, and one fully recondition wigwag along with many others. Nine signals and three crossings in total. Take a peek at our PHOTO section at the NEW and SIGNAL section. Most photo's are current for this year. If you see anything you like and would like to use for your site, let me know. Bill -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------Long Overdue News Update-----------6/28/00----------- By now most of you realize that is not a large multinational corporation. It much more closely resembles the eccentric hobby of a few people. The really big news is the CSX semaphore auction slated for July 8th. We have been working on this for 14 months and are pleased that at least some of the Indianapolis Subdivision signals will be preserved though legitimate and readily identifiable channels. Thanks to all of you who kept me up to date on the Indy Sub (especially Jason Schannot) this helped me communicate better with Jacksonville, and thus help make the auction a reality. Blades along ex-B&O Indianapolis Sub coming down (Mon, 8 May 2000) The semaphores along the old B&O line from Indianapolis to Hamilton, OH are not long for this world. There are only a few remaining near Indy, and the new signals are in place and should be activated soon. The cantilever signal over the recently deactivated State Street Yard in Indy are still there, as are a few more blacks westward. Better get 'em while you can. Thanks Robert Carter (Actual cut over occurred on June 26 and 27) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A brief update on the Santa Fe blades. Las Vegas to (but not including) Watrous, NM has been converted to colorlights. Work appears to have shifted back to Colorado where the remaining sidings (protected by semaphores) are being re -signalled. Subject: Raton line semaphores (Sat, 24 Jun 2000) Made a quick trip to Watrous. As previously reported all the semaphores appear to be removed between Las Vegas and Watrous with UP-style tri-lights. Watrous semaphores were still intact. Also saw some intermediate semaphores west of Las Vegas. Thanks to JB Subject: Santa Fe Semaphores in NM (5/30/00) Eric, just got back from NM. No change from your earlier report documenting the fall of the blades between Las Vegas and the first intermediate W. of Watrous. No signal gang activity or pre-positioned material except for a small quantity in Springer. Thanks to Bob Colorado Update (5-22-2000) Just returned from a field trip to Colorado and New Mexico. Semaphores at Model and Simpson sidings are currently being replaced. No sign of any work yet from Watrous north to near Springer in New Mexico. Thanks for your informative site. Information thanks to Bob Ballou Bad News for B&O Towers (Tue, 9 May 2000) Latest news from Allen Brougham via Eastern Rail News: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CSX TRANSPORTATION NEWS MORE TOWERS TO FALL BY NEXT YEAR By the middle of next year, if everything goes as scheduled, four remaining towers on CSXT's Cumberland Subdivision are to be closed in an intensive upgrading project of the subdivision between Harpers Ferry and Orleans Road. The upgrading will take place in phases: Phase 1-began last month, involves bi-directionally signaling the Cherry Run Low- Grade Line. Presently, the "Low Grade" is signaled for eastbound movements only. Expected completion date-the middle of June. Phase 2-installation of a new interlocking at Cherry Run, about a half mile east of Miller Tower. This will allow Miller Tower to be closed. Expected completion date-early September. Phase 3-the closing of West Cumbo Tower. Expected completion date-the middle of November. Phases 4 and 5-bi-directionally signaling the line between Harpers Ferry and Martinsburg and the closing of NA Tower. Expected completion date-May 2001. Phase 6-the closing of HO Tower in Hancock. Expected completion date-July 2001. In addition to the re-signaling of the "Low-Grade" and the Harpers Ferry -Martinsburg segment, the plan calls for the rest of the line to be (Martinsburg -Orleans Road) to be re-signaled for bi-directional movements. Also, new signals of the C&O/Seaboard type, are to replace the classic B&O Position Light signals. Thanks to ÜAllen Brougham/The Bull Sheet Subject: Semaphore in Illinois (Sat, 06 May 2000) I know of one solitary semaphore still in use on a shortline railroad in Southern Illinois on the Crab Orchard & Egyptian in Marion, Illinois. I believe the railroad people told me it came from an old C&NW signal bridge from somewhere around Chicago. Any information I can get concerning this will be forwarded to you. Nice web site! Thanks to Edward Bridges New Semaphore Reporting (Tue, 25 Mar 2000) An approach semaphore on the old NYC Kalamazoo-Elkart line still stands in Kalamzoo, Mi. It can be found on Portage street just south of Downtown. A lousy photo location, but its worth getting on film. This is the approach to "gib" for northbound trains. Was in the Topeka Ks area a couple of weeks more semaphores at Pauline. Brighton Park (Chicago, IL) semaphores still standing as of 3/22/00. Thanks for the great site. Thanks to Ray Peacock (Madison, WI.) Request for Collaboration on Style B parts Subject: US&S style B mechanism motors (Tue, 02 May 2000) From: Phil Maria IÍm restoring a motor from a style B mechanism and have a bottom casting with a broken foot. I am thinking of having a local foundry cast new ones from grey iron and would like to know if others would like castings made for their own use. I am estimating cost to be about 25.00 each-final price TBD. Could you post something on your web site to this effect? Thanks, It's gratifying to now see a web site dedicated to RR signaling! Good Luck Phil! Subject: Semaphore Sighting (Mon, 1 May 2000) There is an active semaphore just north of the New England Central/Conrail Boston Line crossing at Plamer, Mass. It has been locked into APPROACH and serves as a distant for the stop signals at the crossing. It is about 1 mile from the crossing within the limits of the NEC yard. New semaphore listing thanks to Mike Brotzman!! Subject: Paul Nelson's article (Sun, 2 Apr 2000) I feel I must respond to Paul Nelson's article about purchasing a semaphore from the CORP. Paul Nelson must have forgotten one important detail. The CORP loaded his semaphore out of consideration, not commitment. This type of arrogance will result in the CORP giving no help at all to those who purchase a semaphore from us. The check covers the cost of the semaphore, not a handling charge. Mr. Gollen was not happy with Paul's article and I have a feeling that from now on, each purchaser is on his own as far as loading it. That means, if he can't lift it, it's his problem, not CORP's. Just like he tried to say that if it was damaged during loading, it was CORP's problem. Not true. Loading is a consideration, not part of the purchase. Please let Mr. Nelson know this. Thank you, Rick Perry (Xingman) is in 100% Complete agreement on the CORPs stance on loading. We are lucky to be given to the opportunity to purchase historic signals and should be NOT be indignant or arrogant toward those who are already doing us a huge favor. Subject: Museum semaphores update in CA (Fri, 31 Mar 2000) Here are some other semaphore locations or updates of existing you have that should be added to the list. - Railroad Park south of Dunsmuir: 2 double arm Style Bs in front of the park entrance. Wired for lighting but not for movement. No mechanisms present. - Dunsmuir: 4 single arm Style Bs as you have noted: 2 are distant blade and 2 are home blade. Not operating but complete and in clear position. - Dunsmuir Park next to steam loco: 1 double arm as noted, in danger position. - Redding: 1 single arm Style B as distant signal. Painted black and white just like the old days! Put up 10/99. Located east of the tracks downtown across from the SP passenger depot. We (Shasta Cascade Rail Preservation Society) restored this signal and raised it for the City of Redding. Hope to have some electricity to it this year sometime. Donated to the City by SP in 1993. - Fresno: Jensen Ave at Clovis Ave. Simonian Farms store display. From the milepost tags inside, this appears to be the westbound semaphore from the west switch at Siskiyou. Single arm home blade. - If train order signals count: Santa Rosa US&S lower quadrant in mint restored condition. Oceano Depot on SP Coast Line, ditto. And many others, I'm sure. As I remember others, I will drop you a line. Thx for the great Web site!! Many thanks to Rick Somers!! Some Ohio News (3/5/00) I almost came up with another captured semaphore...the old PRR "Wilmington Junction" depot has been replicated (PRR Houston Secondary, New Castle to Mercer, abandoned long gone) by a psuedo-Amish bulk foods shop. Unfortunately, the shop changed hands and along with the length of track in front of the depot that had "some old rusty engine" on it, the owner also took with him the "railroad traffic light" that stood in front of the depot. The familiar four bolts and stump remained...and this one was already saved once! The modern practice seems to be to erect a train order mast and place one spec on the ones at Harlansburg Station Museum (PA), Willard RR museum, and the Akron RR park. By the way, the other 2A semaphore in Akron is at the "Whistle Stop Cafe"adjoining the Akron Hilton. It's a 2A, but fixed in the approach position. Thanks to TKK a real live RR employee. Subject Link (Sun, 27 Feb 2000) "Troy Sulser" We would like to request a link to our home page on your Website. The Connecticut Trolley Museum, owned and operated by the Connecticut Electric Railway Association, has an all new Website located at: will find a reciprocal link to your home page on our new Website at: Thank you! Troy Sulser Vice-President of Information Services Connecticut Electric Railway Association 58 North Road East Windsor, CT 06088 Office: (860) 627-6540 Fax: (860) 627-6510 Internet: E-mail: Subject: Iowa Semaphores (Mon, 14 Feb 2000) Eric, After reading about the active semaphores that are still active in Iowa, and reading of ChuckÍs of the distant semaphore in Webster City , I would like to add that there is also a distant signal on the other side of the diamond in Webster City. It is about a half a mile north of the diamond at a grade crossing leading into a public golf course. It is nearly identical to the semaphore in town. Also in my travels I discovered a distant semaphore on the southern outskirts of the town of Ackley, Iowa. The town of Ackley is where the Illinois Central and the old Minneapolis & St. Louis crossed at a diamond. The semaphore is located about a half a mile or better to the south on the M&StL track. It is a fixed indication, at 45 degrees, has a fishtail yellow blade and was made by Union Switch and Signal Co. The north side of the diamond has a 3-color US&S style R-2 with 2 of the aspects blanked out, just the yellow showing. This is the distant signal for the north side of the diamond, but it is much closer to the diamond than the semaphore is, less than a quarter mile. This is a great Web page Keep up the good work. Thanks to Rick Randall Subject: Pole (Tilting) Targets, Youngstown-Girard, Ohio area (Sun, 30 Jan 2000) There are still some pole targets in the area between Girard and Youngstown. There is an inactive pole target for the B&O Lake Branch crossing of the Erie's Canal Branch at Girard. Seen south of Liberty Street. It is across brick street from PRR coal tower. Another pole target is in middle of scrap yard north of Division Street. I will research what crossing this was for. There were other targets seen from connector from I-680 to Rt.422. They covered the Erie's Austintown Branch crossing of Canal Branch, PRR's E&A, B&O. Their condition at this time are unknown to me. Thanks to Paul Stumpff; Geneva,Ohio (Tilting targets are pretty cool too!) Anyone up for a ?? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEMAPHORES.COM - early February 2000 News Update 'The word out on the street.' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Montana RailLink Update 2/2/00 Dear Eric, I found out today that the semaphores between Thompson Falls, MT and Childs, MT are in the 2000 budget to be replaced as MRL continues to upgrade its signal system to "radio control". The following semaphores will be affected: paired 37.7 - 37.6 (old eastend siding Belknap) westward 39.9 eastward 40.2 eastward 42.2 (paired with westward tri-color light) Preliminary work to start this spring, with semaphore removal late summer/ early fall. This leaves seven locations (including paired signals) between Spring Gulch (west of Superior) to West St Regis; four locations between Toole and Quinns; four locations between Eddy and Woodlin (east of Thompson Falls); and five locations west of Childs to wet of Trout Creek. That would be about 27 actual semaphores left after this year's project. That is all. Dave F. would like to give a special thanks to Dave (of Missoula, MT) for up-to-date and unambiguous information on the last GRS type 2A base-of-mast semaphores in service. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Bad News in New Mexico - 2/2/00 The ex AT&SF Ry New Mexico Division (Las Vegas Subdivision) is currently experiencing a signal modernization program. Starting from Las Vegas, NM and heading towards Springer, NM all the U.S. & S. Co. T2 semaphores are being replaced with colorlight signals. Last report in late December 1999 suggested that signal crews had reached as far east as Onava. More recent reports (2/1/00) suggest that crews have removed all semaphores between Las Vegas and Watrous, NM. At this rate the wonderful locations in "Shoemaker Canyon" will soon be history. My suggestion is to go explore the line between Watrous and Shoemaker before the signals are replaced. You won't be disappointed. Click here for an updated (2/6/00) list of AT&SF blades ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tucumcari Line Final Good-bye (correction 2/2/00) The second from the last remaining semaphore location on the Tucumcari line (at Duran, NM) was deactivated on January 11th, 2000 and physically removed on the 17th. The LAST pair of U.S. & S. Co. style B's in Class 1 mainline service (at Indiole, NM) was decommissioned on February 1st, 2000. This is the final word on lower quadrant semaphores which guarded an active 70 mph mainline in the U.S. Some static display semaphores remain along Route 54 in Alamogordo and Carrizozo, NM. Tucumcari Memoir (dated September 21, 1999) At 8:00 AM on Tuesday 9/21/99 an east bound train lead by U.P. 6250 rolled past the last great stretch of mainline lower quadrant semaphores in the United States. By 9:00 AM the historic signals surrounding Robsart and Coyote, NM were removed from service. This sober event justifiably marked the end of an era in American signaling history. Anyone who had the fortune to witness these signals in operation will understand the magnitude of this loss. A deep sorrow is felt for those who missed this display of 1898 technology on a fast mainline, as it is simply impossible to explain or imagine. Photographs are just that.....only photographs. (Daily sermons at Coyote, NM have been canceled until further notice) Eric Schmelz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arizona's Gila District: The Phoenix Line Locals still service east and west portions of the line but there is no scheduled through service. If your a real die hard, and can't live without photographing UP (ex SP) trains going past UNION style B semaphores then camp out around Dixie or Arlington and wait for the Phoenix local which services the nuclear facility a few times per week. Likewise near Wellton a few agricultural facilities near Roll, AZ see a few cars per week. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Former Siskiyou Line (Central Oregon and Pacific RR) Rick Perry reminds us that all the U.S. & S. style B semaphores between Hugo and Grants Pass, OR. will be removed from service this year. This will remove a substantial number of signals from the active list! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Bad News in New Mexico The ex AT&SF Ry New Mexico Division (Las Vegas Subdivision) is currently experiencing a signal modernization program. Starting from Las Vegas, NM and heading towards Springer, NM all the U.S. & S. Co. T2 semaphores are being replaced with colorlight signals. Last report in late December 1999 suggested that signal crews had reached as far east as Onava. My suggestion is to go explore the line between Watrous and Shoemaker before the signals are replaced. You won't be disappointed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CSX Semaphores Falling in Indiana CSX's Indianapolis Subdivision will be cleaned of it's historic (ex B&O) GRS Co type 2A upper quadrant semaphores by the summer of this year. All semaphores are already gone East of Mauzy, IN. Also currently under siege is the North end of the Monon, CSX's goal is to replace all of these as well this year. is working with CSX to create a legal and legitimate way of making these available to interested parties (no they will not be for free!). All interested should contact and asked to be notified once the details are established. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erie Railroad Year 2000 Report Amazingly all six U.S. & S. Co style S semaphores remain in service between Ellistown and Endicott, NY. It's anybody's guess how much longer these will remain. Based on rust and deterioration levels, it appears oxidative processes might remove these from service before NS gets around to it (I'm not complaining but what ever happened to railroad signal maintenance??). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Live semaphore in Montgomery, AL (Tue, 18 Jan 2000) Hi! I love your site. I am a big fan of railroads in general, signals in specific and signals with "action" (semaphores, wigwags, etc.) in particular. While on a trip to Montgomery, Alabama today, I spotted an in-use semaphore. The location is on a CSX (ex-Western Ry. of Ala., I think) line that runs across Airbase Blvd., near the Day Street gate of Maxwell Air Force Base. The blade is right beside the road crossing. It is a fixed-position approach signal with a "APP" plate beneath it, but the lens is lit. The interesting thing about this signal is that it is facing the wrong direction. For example, the mast is on the left side of the track, with the blade pointing toward the track. The blade is also half the length of most I've seen, maybe a passing train clipped it, or it was intentionally shortened to prevent such. I suspect the latter, since the blade end was square. I believe this signal is the distant approach for an interlocking about a mile away with other CSX lines, where they merge together to go under the Union Station trainshed along the Alabama River. This junction was operated by a tower until about four years ago, and is still busy as there were two trains waiting for a conflicting movement when I passed by it on the Bell Street overpass. Thanks for your terrific site! Robert Carter Birmingham, AL Special thanks to Robert Carter for listing the first live semaphore in Alabama! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oklahoma Semaphores (Wed, 3 Nov 1999) On Nov.1st in Enid, OK. I witnessed two ex Frisco fixed position approach blades guarding the former Rock Island crossing now UP. They are very interesting and I have never seen anything like them. The one reported in Chickasha earlier is still there as of Oct 31. Report thanks to Brian J Hadley Note would greatly appreciate a forwarded jpeg of the installation at Enid, OK !! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Approach Michigan Semaphore (Wed, 5 Jan 2000) The last remaining Grand Trunk semaphore in Michigan is down as of Summer 1999. It was located on a small branch known as the "Dunn Paper Sub" in Port Huron, Michigan, and guarded the western end of the bascule bridge which crosses the Black River here. I have pictures of it, if you would like---it had been inactive for some time. Rumor is that the blades went to some CN America big-whig in Battle Creek. A dark day indeed. Information kindly supplied by Thomas Gaffney S.O.S. = " Save Our Semaphores" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Indiana Semaphore (Fri, 01 Oct 1999) Fixed Approach Semaphore on CSXT Ex CR Louisville Secondary. I noticed on your Indiana List that you are missing a semaphore. There is one on the CSXT (ex CR) Louisville Secondary. It is a fixed approach for CP-DALE from the south. (always is yellow and blade is at approach). The location is just north of the Summer Ave grade crossing. And milepost wise it is just north of mp 4. Information generously donated by Shawn Noe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A random thought on CSX's "Steam Cleaning" of old signal structures. (Mon, 4 Oct 1999) Hello Your web site is interesting to say the least. Although your site deals primarily with semaphores I noticed you included a section on old B & O color position signals which are rapidly disappearing in the hands of CSX modernization efforts. The other day while driving through Ohio I hit a grade crossing that obviously, by the type of signal I saw there, was operated at one time by the PRR. However since Conrail's merger into CSX and seeing the nature of the signal it has made me wonder if sometime in the not to distant future the old position light signals of the PRR will eventually fall victim to the chopping block of CSX. The signal at the crossing I saw, well there was one left, obviously at one time there were two, but one mast stood w/o a signal on it, and in the other direction the signal head was still up, but was turned and facing the road which lead me to believe that it is out of use. One site that details the PRR position light signals can be found here: Otherwise keep up the good work with your site. I live in Michigan and I've only seen one semaphore here, from I-75 somewhere near Bay City or Saginaw there is an old one that doesn't look like it works anymore, I think you might have it already listed on your page. Keep up the good work Christofer Evangelista ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New semaphore for the Iowa list (Sun, 17 Oct 1999) Eric, I just got back from a photography trip to Iowa. On the UP, ex-C&NW line from Ames to Eagle Grove, there is a classic C&NW semaphore that serves as a distant signal for the IC crossing at Webster City. It is right in town and is very accessible and probably not in any immediate danger. Traffic is not heavy, but usually there are trains between Eagle Grove and Ames a couple of times a week. Hope this is of interest. As always, thanks Chuck Bohi !

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEMAPHORES.COM - 9/19/99 - UPDATE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 'The word out on the street.' We have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that our list of remaining T2 semaphores (ex AT&SF Ry) in New Mexico is finally getting flushed out (thanks to Evan Werkema and a recent trip of my own). There are at least 94 and possibly as many as 105 remaining in New Mexico (not including Colorado!). The bad news is that the best Style B locations on the Tucumcari Line near Carrizozo will likely be history by the end of this week. should have on site photographers for the removal. The word is that (unlike past practices of scrapping) these signals are going directly to UP RR officials for private displays. Amazingly, Chicago's last CNW style semaphores at the Ogilvie Transportation Center and the mechanical semaphores at Brighton Park Junction remain in service (see Kim's message). The last 6 Erie RR (Style S) semaphores in NY remain in service (information as of September 5th, 1999 thanks to Paul Lubliner). Matt Robbins clears up the location of an (ex Burlington) approach semaphore in Nebraska and also reminds us of some excellent links to Larry Tuttle's documentation of a semaphore removal project on the Central Oregon and Pacific (Hugo to Glendale,OR). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nebraska Odd Ball (Thu, 16 Sep 1999) Hi Eric, Just got back from a trip to Nebraska and found a Semaphore while I was there. I immediately thought of you and got some pictures included in this email. This Semaphore is on the KYLE (former CB&Q) Nebraska City Line running from Lincoln Nebraska. The shots are taken in Lincoln at a grade crossing on Southwood Dr. The railroad Mile Post is MP 59. Further inspection revealed markings for a company called RACO Products of Minneapolis. There was also Safetran markings on the base suggesting that electronics might have been updated? The semaphore is still in use although it looks to be a fixed position approach signal. I noticed on your page that a semaphore on the Nebraska City Line was already listed but the location was unclear although it did mention it was on the Nebraska City Line. Also a picture link to it did not work from the Semaphore news page. My shot of the famous semaphores at 5050 on the Siskiyou Line is at It came out Ok considering we had bad light. The sad thing is these semaphores are all gone now. Check out Larry Tuttle's CORP signal page at Feel free to use this information on your page. Take Care Matthew Robbins Web Master - NorthWest Rails. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bunch of Updates (Sat, 18 Sep 1999) Dear Mr Schmelz, I'd like to pass on my sincere thanks for the excellent semaphore information in your web site. I've just returned from a business trip to Chicago where I was fortunately able to spend a couple of days photographing the remaining semaphores. I can confirm that the two signal gantries in downtown Chicago are still present. One area worth mentioning in your site is that there are still quite a number of ground disc semaphore signals visible from the end of the platform at Ogilvie Transportation Centre. I don't know what the proper US term is for this type of signal. They are small discs about 15-18 inches across, at track level with a painted semaphore arm on them - plus presumably spectacle glasses and lights. In the UK they are quite common where semaphores still exist and are used mainly to signal low speed shunting (switching) maneuvers. The signals at Brighton Park are still in place too, but there is a worryingly new-looking shiny set of colour lights on the Illinois Central line. It's quite difficult finding the access to this spot until you know how. Follow the dirt track in the parking lot outside Burger King at the intersection of Archer and Western. Go under the "subway" overbridge and round the back of the brick building, and park by the line here. I had no hassle and friendly acknowledgment from the signalman (note: RR police will oftentimes ask you to leave!). Best time of day for photographs from this side of the line is around 8:30 to 11:30am. I was there from 9 to 11:30 am on Sunday 12th Sept and had virtually non-stop train action on both lines. Ten freights and two Amtrak passenger, mostly favorable for the sun. Since all trains stop it's easy to get set up in the right spot with enough warning. Not usually mentioned is the short-post "stop" semaphore home signal about a hundred yards north of the diamond on the fourth from right Conrail track. Without doubt these are the most rickety semaphores I've seen in any country and an astonishing anachronism in the country that put man on the moon ! It's incredible that they could have survived past the 1960s let alone into 1999. Everyone reading this who hasn't already been there should make plans to go before it's too late. I also visited the ex-Monon CSX line around Crawfordsville and all the listed semaphores were still in place with no signs of replacements. You haven't mentioned the single semaphore at Ames shares its spot with a pair of colour lights for the Southbound direction. Unfortunately it was only today, having got back, that I discovered Scott Withrow's excellent guide to all these signals at It would be well worth putting a link from your site to this page. Back in February/March a friend and I visited the Tucumcari and Santa Fe Albuquerque Raton line, majoring on the semaphores. Your guide was invaluable - many thanks again. We fortunately had lots of trains in the Pastura area and did really well there, fortunately thanks to a couple of railfans from Illinois who gave us instructions on how to find these difficult-to-locate signals that have gone now anyway. The signals at Coyote were marvelous, but I understand from a friend that these too have recently gone (can't confirm source). Good luck with keeping your site up to date. It's sadly ironic that the web should have become so popular just at the time most of the semaphores are disappearing. If only it had been in operation twenty years ago! Kim England ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need Station Train Order Signal for Centerville Depot Historic Exhibit Project (Fri, 10 Sep 1999) The Centerville Depot Historic Exhibit Project has received funding (from a generous donor) to reproduce (or acquire an original) a station train order signal (semaphore type) for installation at the restored 1910 SP Centerville depot in Fremont, California. Do you know where we can locate a complete or parts for an SP train order semaphore signal Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. We have the 1906 plans to fabricate one, but would prefer to purchase a complete one or parts from one. William G. Wullenjohn Sr. Centerville Depot Exhibit Project 38395 Alta Drive Fremont, CA 94536-7130 email (510) 795-1040 home (510) 795-6497 home fax (415) 973-6849 work Any help, information, or leads towards this goal will be greatly appreciated. is ALSO looking to purchase ($$$$) a complete SP train-order semaphore signal. Please contact us at if your thinking about selling one. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carrizozo Sub Semaphores (Sat, 04 Sep 1999) On August 16, I was driving north on Highway 54 and came across UP workers removing the south (west)-bound semaphore at the White Oaks crossing. I have several pictures of them being removed that I scanned in at a local Kinko's photocopy shop, but I suspect they are more than 50k but are in .jpg format. I have no special equipment to do anything but zip them before sending. I don't know how much that will reduce the bandwidth. The next set of signals to the east at Robsart were still intact and I got several good pictures of them; but I suspect they too are gone by now If you folks are interested in any of these pics, please reply and let me know. Thanks, Dave Boyer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Siskiyou Line Semaphore Removal (Mon, 30 Aug 1999) Dear In case you hadn't already heard, the new electracode installation, cutover and semaphore removal between Glendale and Hugo, OR is complete. Unfortunately, I missed the cutover and removal due to a prior commitment to run a steam train at Sumpter Valley, but maintainer Rick Perry was able to take a few pictures of the blades coming down. These images are now posted on my site at: I used the removal of 5051 removal quite a bit, but have several more pix of 5050 if you're interested in them. It's been quite an experience these last two weeks watching and learning both about signal construction and removal. Of course now I need to install semaphores on my model railroad.....and they HAVE to be Style B's! Larry Tuttle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Santa Fe semaphores in Colorado and New Mexico (Tue, 17 Aug 1999) I drove from La Junta through Trinidad, CO and on to Wagon Mound, NM earlier this month. I wasn't able to make a detailed study of the whole area, but can provide a few updates and additional information for your "living semaphores" lists: Colorado: ------------- The only semaphores I found were at the ends of sidings. All of the paired intermediate signals had been changed to tri-light (colorlight) signals. The semaphores I saw were as follows: Model, CO: Trios of semaphores at both ends of the siding. Signal numbers were 6141 (east end) and 6152 (west end). Simpson, CO: Trios of semaphores at both ends of the siding. Signal number was 6041 on the east end - couldn't see the number for the west end. Delhi, CO: Two semaphores and one searchlight at the west end, one semaphore and two searchlights at the east end. Didn't get the signal numbers. Mindeman, CO: Trios of semaphores at both ends of the siding. Didn't get the signal numbers. New Mexico: ----------------- If the easily accessed portions of the line are representative, the semaphores between Springer and Onava, NM haven't been affected by the replacement program thus far. I ran out of daylight, but here are the signals whose existence I could confirm: Intermediate pair (two masts with one blade apiece - one for each direction) Intermediate pair 7311, 7312 Intermediate pair 7291, 7292 Intermediate pair 7271, 7272 West end Wagon Mound siding, three blades, number 7252 East end Wagon Mound siding, three blades, number 7241 Intermediate pair 7221, 7222 West end Levy siding, three blades, number 7202 East end Levy siding, three blades, number 7191 Intermediate pair 7171, 7172 Intermediate pair 7141, 7142 Intermediate pair 7121, 7122 West end Colmor siding, three blades, didn't get number East end Colmor siding, three blades, didn't get number Intermediate pair 7061, 7062 Also, in the fading light, from I-25 I could see that the trio of semaphores at the west end of Watrous siding was intact. There were at least two intermediate pairs between there and the east end of Onava. The east end of Onava still had a trio of semaphores. The west end was converted to colorlights many years ago. Hope this helps. Evan Werkema ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ B&O Indianapolis Sub (Sun, 15 Aug 1999) Just wanted to let you know, on the B&O Indianapolis Sub. there is one semaphore left east of Salters. Although this is not on the Main, it's a fixed position approach signal on the old Hamilton Belt at Main St. in Hamilton. The lamp appears to be sporadically maintained because every once in a while it lights up and it will stay on for maybe a week, then goes out for a year or two. The Belt connects with the Indy Sub. at MP-26.9(Belt Jct.). Alan Mayes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Colorado Semaphores (Thur 12 Aug 1999) Hello: Thought you would be interested in this photo of Amtrak No. 88 blasting through the signals at the east end of Model siding. The Amtrak train is a Engineering Special taken on August 10, 1999. Hope you can use the photo. Regards, Michael M McGowen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fillmore & Western RR (Thu, 12 Aug 1999) Great Site. I wish to add two more functioning museum semaphores. The Fillmore & Western RR, just north of LA has two semaphores on their track as you enter their main yard. Sorry, no picture, maybe someone in the area has a digital camera. Mike Davis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out this Ancient Disk Signal, it might be the oldest RR signal in operation (in the world). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LAST FLORIDA MANNED INTERLOCKING TOWER CLOSING (Mon, 30 Aug 1999) The last manned operating interlocking tower in the southeast is scheduled to be torn down next week. Beaver Street Tower, located next to the Beaver Street Viaduct (Highway 90) in Jacksonville, Florida, has controlled interchange between CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Florida East Coast. New track alignment and signals were installed several months ago in anticipation of the tower closing. Upon closure, the interlocking will fall under control of the CSXT Jacksonville AZ Dispatcher. The interlocking is part of the Terminal Subdivision of the Jacksonville Division. The tower is being razed so that Beaver Street and the viaduct can be widened. The tower is only about 30' from the viaduct that crosses over all of the interchange trackage. Information thanks to Stan Jackowski and Dave Verzi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raton Subdiv. Semaphores (Mon, 26 Jul 1999) Just a note to let you know that the following semaphores are alive and well for the time being on the Raton Subdiv. in Colorado. MP 572.3 Timpas 4,650 ft siding its is unknown about the signals at that location. MP 583 Mindeman 6,000 ft siding with semaphores guarding both ends see attached picture of the west end. There are a total of 6 at this location. MP 591.5 Delhi 6,250 ft siding with 1 semaphore on the east end and 2 on the west end. MP 604 Simpson 6,250 ft siding with semaphores guarding both ends. There are a total of 6 at this location. MP 615 Model 4,750 ft siding with semaphores guarding both ends. There are a total of 6 at this location. MP 626.3 Hoehnes 6,150 ft siding it is unknown about the signals at that location. Sorry that I only have the one picture we were at the edge of a real severe thunderstorm and there was to much stray lighting to stand out of the car and take any more. Hope this helps. John Deck (aka Dondlinger) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indiana Update 7/21/99 A visit to Indiana last week revealed the following: On the CSX Indy Sub, all blades Connersville and east have been removed (previously reported). New mast for tricolor laying on ground at approx. MP 72.6. This would probably eliminate the intermediates between Salters and Glenwood. Single blade for EB move at MP 82.0 is GONE! The WB colorlight signal at MP 92.48 has a new tricolor on mast for EB move, probably to replace EB blade at same location. New bi-directional tricolors on mast at 101.05 placed but not yet in service, to replace blades at same location. All other semaphores as listed on list for this territory are in place, including the pair on the bracket mast at State St. Yard in Indianapolis. All visually observed. On the CSX Monon Sub. (Northern Div.) All semaphores as listed on the list for this territory are in place. All visually observed. I hope this info is helpful to anyone planning a trip to the area. Rich Frey


Semaphores Falling All Over (Sunday, 11 July 1999)

With the exception of a few recently discovered approach semaphores in Oklahoma
and Iowa, the reports are mostly grim. All former B&O semaphores on CSX's
Indianapolis Subdivision between Oxford, Ohio and Salters Siding, Indiana have been
pulled out (information thanks to Kevin Kohls). This means that the wonderfully
maintained set in downtown Connersville, IN (by the Amtrack station) are now
history. Andrew Klamka reports that the final Kansas semaphore (signal 247.1) was
removed June 30, 1999 at 9:30 am. Mike Stewart adds to this gloom and doom
scenario by indicating that only the siding semaphore signals remain between
Trinidad and La Junta, CO with all the intermediate blades replaced with new signals.
Official word from the Central Oregon and Pacific RR is that all the semaphores
between Hugo and Glendale, OR will be replaced this summer.
On a lighter note, the remaining MRL (MT) semaphores are safe for the remainder of
the year. No news is probably good news for the Phoenix Line(AZ), Southern Tier
Line(NY), Monon(IN) and remaining Tucumcari Line blades (around Carrizozo,
NM). Eric Schmelz -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "And then there was none" The last semaphore in Kansas (Wed, 30 Jun 1999) Dear Sir: I wanted to inform you that this morning, June 30, 1999, at 9:30 am, the
last remaining semaphore in KS (signal number 247.1) was removed from service.
The crew arrived at 9:20 and by 9:50 it was all over. I was fortunate enough
to be there and witness the event as well as take photos.
Information by Andrew Klamka -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Semaphore Alley soon to be a memory (Thu, 8 Jul 1999) Eric, My friend and I just arrived back home here in Cal. after traveling to Kansas. On the way we noticed that there are still some semaphores in between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, but when we came back from Kansas and took US-50 to Trinidad thru what they call "Semaphore Alley" that all had been replaced except for 3 passing sidings which there are 3 on either end. I believe that they were at RD.9 and Delphi and the siding accross from the Armies Manuevers base (Simpson siding?). There used to be well over 60 to 70 here. Last year when my friend and I had traveled this same route to get and they were very plentiful. As we left Raton and got close to Springer,N. Mexico those had also been replaced with the new search light, or some were the 3 position mast type. Just out side Wagmound we started to see more semaphores and all the was down through Waltous, and Las Vegas, but after talking to a Signal Maintainer at Las Vegas they will all be gone by the first of this year. They have been cutting off the top 10ft of the mast with the mechanism, spectacle and pinnacle intact and placing over the existing mast and case the new 3 position signal head. This is faster according to the maintainer than removing the whole semaphore mast and all and replacing it with the new. I have no idea what they plan to do with the rest of them, but I know that these the ones that we acquired were very hard to get ahold of, but thanks to some of your readers one anwsered and let me know where there were some available. As of to date we have placed 2 in our member's backyards and have them working just fine! Mine is going up as we speak in my back yard. The guy we have wiring them is a retired electronics design engineer from JPL in Pasadena, and he has figured out a way to make them work through a remote he has built. Now my friend and I are looking for someone who would like to do some trading of semaphores for a Wig-Wag. Keep your sight open. You have done a great job putting it together with all the info. Respectfully, Mike Stewart Note: Mike...Do Tell, Do Tell! Please share your contact information with the rest of US! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Newly reported semaphores in Des Moines, Iowa (Wed, 07 Jul 1999) Eric, Would you believe I found more semaphores. I went to Des Moines Iowa railfanning and found a few left. 1. NS yard at Avon Grain Co. SE 18th St 2. NS track on Scott St and SE Ct. track ripped up and signal in poor shape. 3. NS signal on Muury St at Iowa Packing this one is in great shape! Special thanks to Gary C. Smith. ( Note: Gary currently holds the record for digging up "new" approach semaphore locations) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fixed Approach in Chickasha, Oklahoma (Thu, 10 Jun 1999) Eric, There is a Frisco fixed approach for east bound trains at the UP/BNSF interlocking in Chickasha, OK. Also, the signal dept in Ponca City has the head and blade fastened to their building (Santa Fe/BNSF). Jack Austerman, owner of Yukon's Best Railroad Museum, has a Frisco semaphore, and I think one or two parts of others. I know I saw another frisco fixed approach blade somewhere else, maybe in Missouri, possibley on the Ft. Leonard Wood line. I'll let you know when I figure it out. Is that last KS blade gone? I thought I heard it was. Information kindly supplied by Terry La France -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B&O semaphore signals in Indiana (July, 1 1999) Eric: I was at Connersville, Indiana 7/6/99 and stopped at the B & O station there. There were some signal maintainers there, and in conversing with them I was told that all of the B & O semaphores east of Salters siding are gone! I checked a few locations and there were none to be found except those UGLY Safetran color light signals mounted on a relay case. There are semaphores to the west of Salters Siding, I am told they should last until around December 1999! Sincerely, Kevin M. Kohls -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NS/CR/ERIE New York Southern Tier Blades (Tue, 8 Jun 1999) I just got back from the NY S. Tier blades 5/28/99. Sig 224.2 at W. Endicott is accessed as follows: Hwy 17 W. to exit 67N then W. 5 miles thru Endicott on 17C to overpass over RR. Blade is visible on S. track to your left. It is not a good shot- woods and ravines on either side so you have to shoot by standing on ROW (not!) plus 1/4m hike from nearest parking. Continue W. on 17C to Sig 245.2 in Smithboro (Eric, your blade list needs to be corrected as follows: add 245.2; "unknown"=249.2). Sig 245.2 is easily accessed by Church St. off 17C. Also, Smithboro is an exit off Hwy 17. This blade is in deplorable condition. Watch for unleashed dogs at this location. Sig 247.2 is W. of Smithboro adjacent to 17C. I think this blade is the most photogenic/easily accessed by road of the remaining six. Blade 249.2 is visible from the road about 1/3m E. of 17C. I could not find any un-gated road leading into this one and any hike would be substantial along the ROW or across a "posted" field. The twin blades at MP 251.2 (Barton) are barely visible from 17C about 1/8 mile inland . There is no easy parking on 17C. A Conrail (now NS) sig crew advised me to enter a "posted" driveway and park in the lot by the owner's trailer- a woman reportably receptive to those wanting RR access. Ask permission first/use discretion. There is a talking detector at Tioga Center MP243. Traffic patterns favoring optimal mid/late afternoon photography frankly stink. I estimate the line sees about 8-12 trains daily, running mostly between 9AM and 1PM. Many good photo set-ups (without blades) are available along 17C with the Susq River in the backround. More trains likely towards end of week. The upnote is the variety of CP/NYS&W/CR and NS power on trains! Owego has a cool shortline: Owego Central - check it out. Note: 17C "backcountry" drivers and NUMEROUS deer crossing the highway will try to kill you if you are looking for blades and not at the road while driving. Finally, I think the semaphores are "safe" for awhile except thru bad order attrition. Single tracking between Binghamton-Wavery is the only systemic enemy of the remaining blades and CR/NS has been doing extensive tie work on both tracks, suggesting that two tracks will remain in service for awhile (watch this prove me wrong- CR is famous for upgrading track right before they pull it up!). Also, I think that NS will be too busy with the CR acquisition to mess with this low importance line for at least the next few years. The writing is on the wall, however. One track has been upgraded to welded rail while the other (with 5 of the 6 remaining sems) is ERIE-vintage jointed and is begging to be cut up into widely separated CTC sidings (hello tri-lites - goodbye blades) Information and personal ramblings kindly provided by Bob Bertram -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEMAPHORES.COM - 6/1/99 - UPDATE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- U.S. & S. Co. Style B Semaphores in New Mexico: Vaughn to Pastura Removed (Sat, 30 May 1999) The writing was on the wall. In April 1999 hideous replacement trilight signals stood at each semaphore location between the Leoncetio and Pastura. The trilights are now confirmed to be activated and the remaining three semaphore locations between Vaughn to Pastura have been removed. The skeletonized semaphores (Eastbound approach to Leoncetio and the Westend of the old Leoncetio siding) have also been removed. The retired signals will likely be taken to the main UP signal shops in Sedalia, Missouri. If deemed inconsistent with UP's current signaling technologies, they will likely be shipped onward to a local scrap company. Information thanks to Brad Hellman and Eric Schmelz -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erie Update, NY (April 1999) As of April, 1999 all six remaining U.S. & S. Co. Style S semaphores between Waverly and Endicott, NY were still in service.Heavy track repairs and tie replacement projects were in progress however, no evidence could be found for new signal construction. I feel that some satisfaction exists in that a few (ex Erie) semaphores outlived Conrail and their "steam cleaning" program. I have been wrong in the past but don't expect these signals to be around in the year 2000. Eric Schmelz -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Final Kansas Semaphores Vanish! On an appropriately gloomy and rainy morning, to be exact on Wednesday 4/14/99 at 10:30 AM , the last remaining operating semaphore on a cantilever in North America was removed from service. BNSF signal gangs, in an amazing show of efficiency, wiped out all the semaphores at Lewis, Kansas and moved eastward claiming at least 3 more. The tally now stands at only 3 semaphores left in the entire state of Kansas, all of them just west of Sylvia, Kansas. But, according to the signal maintainers I talked to, the remaining three are doomed before the first of May. The are supposedly all spoken for by various railway officials. It appears they have begun to realize their value and uniqueness. Information thanks to JH LaGesse Semaphores: More Input on Kansas (Fri, 30 Apr 1999) Good Evening, I just returned from a road trip in western Kansas. I have an update on the status of the remaining semaphores: In Lewis, KS, all four semaphores have been removed, including the last cantilevered semaphore in Kansas. All semaphores east of Lewis have also been either removed or replaced by standard 'lights'.I do not know that dates of their removals, but it must have happened within the last 3-4 weeks. However, on the west end of Belpre, two semaphores still stand! (mile marker 286.1). If anyone knows when these two might be removed, I sure would like to know so that their removal could be photographed. Information thanks to Andrew Klamka Kansas: One Blade Left!! (Tue, 11 May 1999) .....and then there was one...... The two semaphores at the west end of Belpre, Ks. are now removed as of 5/9/99. The sole surviving movable blade semaphore in the state of Kansas is now just west of Sylvia, Ks. Information thanks to JH LaGesse ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Approach Semaphores Gone - Earlville, IL (Fri, 16 Apr 1999) Hello, Yesterday, I took a drive through Earlville, IL. I noticed that the semaphore on the UP (ex CNW) line was gone. The signal I am describing is on the south side of the BN line. This is the one easily reached by a gravel driveway. A new signal has replaced the semaphore. I did not see the signal on the opposite side of the diamond, but I would bet that it met the same fate. They were there was there last summer. Was this a recent event? Information thanks to J.A. McClune ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "New" Semaphore Location for Missouri (Fri, 23 Apr 1999) New Albany MS. KCS . Fixed distant signal for the diamond with the BNSF. This semaphore was still there in November 1997 and I am sure it's still there. It is located at the south end of the KCS yard, south of the diamond. Information thanks to Frank Archer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Massachusetts Semaphore (Tue, 27 Apr 1999) Dear, I found another signal for your list! This one was a little far away from home. It's in Hyannis, MA near the old roundhouse. No lenses in it, but it is still along active tracks on the Cape Cod RR. Information thanks to Gary Smith -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indiana Semaphore Update (Mon, 3 May 1999) I just got back from semaphore hunting in Indiana and I thought you might be interested in what I found. Indianapolis Subdivision (ex B&O) Signals on line are being substantially upgrade. Semaphores are being replaced by three-color light hooded signals like those commonly found on UP. My guess is that many will be gone by end of the summer if not sooner. Data below are accurate as of April 24th 1999. Signal 42.8 / 42.9 West of Oxford, OH is gone. Others still there to Mile 62.70, east end of Lyonsville Siding. Three color-light signal in place to replace it. May be gone by now, or soon will be. Others still there as far as 113.6. We did not go west beyond that. Seven three-color light signal sets are stored near Connersville depot for installation soon. These are probably the most endangered signals in Indiana. Monon Subdivision (North End) All signals listed are still in service from South Raub to Mile 167.5 north of Bainbridge. Did not look for Semaphore at 174.5. Presume it is still there. ( Special Communication: A Top CSX signal supervisor has informed us that the most recent petition to remove the northend semaphore signals has been denied.) Monon Subdivision (South End) 255.2 Mitchell N. Bound and S. Bound are gone. All others remain in tact although it was difficult to scout east of Hitchcock, MP 277.2.These signals seem to be relatively safe for now.Consistent train operation and public access make getting photos of trains and signals on all three subs fairly easy. Information thanks to Charles W. Bohi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Website Devoted to Wig-Wags (Eventually Covering the All of the US and Canada) Hi, Just wanted to see if I could get my site on your link page: The purpose of my site is to track down any existing wig wag signals that are still in service. I've been working on it for the last month. Any feedback or additional information will be greatly appreciated and I'd gladly add a link to your site. Information thanks to Dan Furtado Please share your knowledge of existing wig-wags (both in museums and in service) by contacting Dan at Email: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arizona Semaphores and California Wig-Wags (Sun, 23 May 1999) Hello, I currently operate light rail in San Diego. Having worked on the Southern Pacific in the 1960's, I've always been interested in semaphores and wigwags. Wigwags are as rare as semaphores if not more so these days. A friend and I checked out the blades at and east of Roll, Arizona. The semaphores still there and operational as of March 28, 1999. Not much train action east of Roll. The tracks are rusty east of Roll, however they must have run something within the past few months (possibly the inspection train in November 1998) A wigwag still exists in Calexico, CA for how long, who knows. Still 4 wigwags left on mainline near Santa Barbara as of Dec. 1, 1998. All wigwags in Gonzales, Gilroy, Martinez gone now. One wigwag still in Martinez on industrial spur. Hope this helps in your information update. Information thanks to Laurence J. Granfield III ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three 'New' Museum Semaphores Added to the List ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Remsen, NY (Fri, 2 Apr 1999) The Remsen Developement Corp in Remsen, NY is currently rebuilding the Remsen depot and we have a semaphore that was purchased by an individual and donated to our group. We hope to have it installed at our depot sometime by early summer. I don't have the specifics as to what style it is but when I do I'll let you know. Remsen is located about 20 miles north of Utica, 90 miles west of Albany and about 60 miles northeast of Syracuse, NY. Our town sits on the southwest edge of the Adirondack Park in Oneida county. The original line that ran through Remsen was the Utica & Black River RR in 1855, this line ran from Utica to Boonville and later to Carthage, NY. The next line that was built was the Mohawk & Malone which entered the village in 1892 from Herkimer. This line was put in by Dr. William Seward Webb and went through to Lake Placid NY & Montreal. Both of theses lines were bought by the New York Central RR and became their Adirondack Division. Information thanks to Mike Piekielniak Historian Remsen Developement Corp. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Campo, CA (Tue, 25 May 1999) The Campo Depot (CA) on the San Diego & Arizona Railway, is used every weekend by the San Diego Railroad Museum. It still has the original hand operated, trainorder semaphore signal. I'm just now repainting it! Information thanks to Jim Lundquist ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Archer, FL (Sat, 28 May 1999) A mechanically operated U.S. &. S. Co. upper quadrant trainorder semaphore (ex Seaboard) exists at the restored station museum in Archer, FL. Eric Schmelz --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
News ---3/7/98

Kansas Semaphores Hang On. 

As of 3-3-99 the 11 or so semaphores at and east of Lewis, Kansas are still
in place.  As per conversation with a knowledgeable signal maintainer, he
doubts anything will happen this month as funding is cut back.  After first
quarter of 1999 however look out, a new budget will be in place for the 
Signal Dept. Information kindly provided by JH LaGesse.

New Ohio Semaphore (2/99). 

In 1993 and 1994 I (Torsten Rothman) worked for the W&LE in Ohio. In addition
to the two semaphores you mention at GREENWICH (one of which still exists!) I
remember another one on the ACY Line. It was at Chatfield and was the distant
signal for eastbounds approaching the diamond with NS.  It was fixed in the
approach position and not in particularly good shape.

This signal has been confirmed (by Dave Verzi) as recently as it last summer.
It is a standard AAR style, cast spec casting, sheet metal spectacle fixed at
45 degrees.

Ohio Semaphore Confusion (2/99). 

It was reported recently that both W&LE (ex ACY) approach semaphores had
been removed from the CSX crossing at GREENWICH, OH. Recently Oscar
Manhiemerstien, III confirms that westbound semaphore has been removed
but that the eastbound semaphore still stands.

"New" Live Semaphores for North Dakota  (Jan. 27, 1999)


Two semaphores exist just west of Devils Lake , ND.
I went and looked at them last Sept. They are on the
ex-Soo Line crossing of the BNSF and can be seen from Highway 2 if you know where to look.

Gary Smith

General Notice ---12/30/98

Over 20 pages at have been updated with new information.
Much of this has been made possible through contributions of others who share
in this interest. Thanks for making this project work!

The Tucumcari Line semaphores are coming down. All blades West of Carrizozo,
New Mexico have been removed from service (12/98). With new sidings planned
for Coyote and Leoncito the rest are sure to fall in 1999. However this will
not happen overnight, sidings take time to build.

The final semaphores in Kansas are being removed from service. The last
operating cantilever semaphore in North America still stands at Lewis.
However replacement signals are being installed nearby. Expect removal to
be complete in 1-2 months.

Little by little the Siskiyou Line is being converted to colorlight signals.
Check the "LIVE" list for specific updates. See contact information for availability.

"New" fixed-position approach semaphores reported for the states of Ohio,			Florida, Wisconsin and New York.

40 images added to the photo gallery. 

New museum semaphores for California, Connecticut and Alberta (Canada).

Feeling guilty about not getting that special someone the right
Christmas present? It's not too late to order a new and sparkling set of 
signal-precision glass semaphores lenses. 8-3/8" Kopp Glass Lenses: A gift 
that will always be remembered. (Yes, I have a dry sense of humor).
Phoenix Line Update

The UP's (ex SP) Phoenix Line (running between Picacho and Wellton,AZ) is
probably the single most mysterious Class 1 RR line with semaphores in the U.S.
There are 2 good reasons for this informational black hole status. Firstly, most
of the semaphores are in fairly remote areas (I did not say inaccessible).
Secondly, train traffic has always been very sparse. After Amtrak was pulled off
the line on June 2, 1996 all scheduled through trains had been rerouted. Since
this time detoured traffic has been sporadic at best, worse yet trains ran on
track warrants which allowed them to ignore block signal indications . In the
heart of the semaphore district many signals sat dormant and unpowered.
	This all changed on November 15, 1998 when engineer Tom Fooshee and
conductor Chris Corbet pulled out of Phoenix (10:48am) headed for Yuma. The
occasion was UP's famous E9 business train for track inspection purposes.
Immediately prior to this, UP's signal and track gangs had their hands full
trying restore over two years of neglect. The E9's ran over the line at 40 mph
with only one signal defect (a searchlight mind you) and NO slow orders. 

	So the Phoenix Line is open again to through traffic? Physically yes,
actually no. To my knowledge there have no scheduled through trains since 11/15/
98. I can't predict the future very well, but my guess is that this bird is not
dead yet.
Information thanks to Brad Hellman and Eric Schmelz.

General Notice ---11/1/98

Every effort is made to update in a timely manner with information after it's gathered or received via generous submissions. This information is placed into the layout of the site where it is most appropriate for organizational purposes. Many things are updated but not listed as "News" in this section. I will try to briefly summarize a few of the new happenings.

The GRS 2A semaphores at Stronghold, CA have been removed from service. Current fate and status is unknown.

75th Street tower (Chicago) was bulldozed early in October, 1998. The complete passing of this "last of its' kind" location is worthy of a moment of reflection for those who had the fortune to see it in operation.
Updated semaphore information for the Bernalillo area See Live Lists: New Mexico

Possible N.Y.N.H.&H. semaphore still remaining in service in NYC. See Live Lists: New York

The Central Oregon and Pacific is now selling semaphores as they become available. See Contact information for written correspondence.

New semaphores for South Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan! See Live Lists. Information kindly supplied by Rich Frey.

1930-Declining Semaphores. See History article.

Many other updates.....just look around!

Don't hesitate to email us with questions or corrections.


Eric Schmelz

Florida Semaphore Removed ---reported on 9/17/98


I am a railfan and semaphore lover in Central Florida (Winter Haven). Although it would no longer qualify for your "living" list, our neighboring city of Lakeland had a semaphore "in operation" until about one year ago. It was on the former SAL branch line from Lakeland to Bartow, just a few hundred yards south of the Tampa- Orlando mainline.

I don't know the nomenclature for signals, but this was a single blade U.S.& S. Co. with only a yellow lens, which was always lit. The red and green appeared to be blacked out or removed and replaced with black metal. It seems to have been a fixed position distant signal, as I never saw it move or set in any position other than a 45 degree angle.

Due to some highway construction, the connecting line to Bartow was severed last year; it is now a spur going south from Lakeland for several miles, and north from Bartow. The semaphore, pole, and control box were removed last year, as was a target signal several hundred yards north. These were the only signals left on the branch. I have spoken to CSX, but I have not yet been able to find out what happened to it.

CSX has pulled up many miles of interesting old rural tracks. It's sad to see these go, and the signals with it!

Keep up the great and interesting site!


Michael Smith


New Mexico Update---9/7/98

I had the chance to review the U.S. & S. Co. style B semaphores on the Tucumcari Line in New Mexico. All that are listed at this web site site remain in mainline service. However, the most western locations surrounding Oscuro will likely be removed soon. A new CTC siding is being installed here and is almost complete. Sources indicate that no new changes have occurred on the Raton Pass line in Northern NM.

Eric Schmelz


ERIE Update---8/25/98

When Conrail stopped their single-tracking project a few years back on the Southern Tier Line (former Erie mailine) from Binghamton to Buffalo, the double track was left intact from Waverly to Binghamton. Six semaphores remain on this stretch of double track:

MP224 West Endicott Eastbound

MP245 Smithboro Eastbound

MP247 east of Barton Eastbound

MP249 west of Barton Eastbound

MP251 Ellistown Eastbound & Westbound (spaced a couple hundred yards apart, facing each other)

But, starting today (Monday, August 24th), Conrail/NS has started a 12 week project that shuts the line down from 6am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Other than rail replacement, no specific plans for the project are known yet. But assume that NS is going to modernize the line, including the signals, as quickly as possible.

Information and warning thanks to Mark Pappalardo


Bad News in Kansas


Well I can tell you for sure, all the blades on the Topeka sub with the exception of the eastbound one at milepost 98 are gone. They came though in about a 5-6 week period and replaced them all. I am sure the one at milepost 98 should be gone soon, if not already, but the last time my friend went over the line there was only that one left. That was about 2-3 weeks ago.

Chris (

Monon News

BS-AP-No. 3478 Applicant: CSX Transportation, Incorporated, Mr. R. M. Kadlick, Chief Engineer Train Control, 500 Water Street (S/C J-350), Jacksonville, Florida 32202 CSX Transportation, Incorporated seeks approval of the proposed discontinuance and removal of the automatic block signal system, on the single main track, between Ames, Indiana, milepost 00Q-148.4 and Greencastle, Indiana, milepost 00Q-176.7, on the Monon Subdivision, Chicago Service Lane, and operate exclusively under a Direct Traffic Control Block System. The proposal includes the installation of operative approach signals at Ames and Greencastle. The reason given for the proposed changes is to eliminate facilities no longer needed in present day operation.


Updated 5/20/98


Another semaphore gone

Noticed today in downtown Champaign...

The eastward distant signal for Champaign interlocking on the NS (ex-Conrail, P&E) has been replaced with a shiny new fixed single-lens target displaying yellow, with a big "D" plate below. Only the westward distant signal (between Goodwin and Matthews in Urbana) remains the last semaphore in the area-- fixed at the approach indication, but a semaphore nonetheless.

Question: Are there any other semaphores, fixed or operative remaining anywhere in the Illinois/Indiana region?

Erik Coleman (30 Apr 98)


Oddball signal

I got a report from Doung Koontz this week that the double-signal semaphore mast at Salem (MP 281.9) has been removed and replaced. If you recall, this was the oddball signal that had two shorter semaphore masts, one for each direction, on top of a larger bracket-post. It must have happened very recently, because I was down there and took more pictures of it late in February.

If I get any additional info or a photo I'll let you know.

Take care,
Scott Withrow (Sun, 10 May 98)


Stronghold, CA

Last week I followed a BNSF freight on the Inside Gateway from K. Falls to Beiber. The Upper Quadrant semaphores guarding the BNSF/SP Modoc Line crossing at Stronghold CA. are still in place and active. I thought these had already been replaced by tri-light signals but that is not quite true. There are new tri-light signals mounted next to all the semaphores (and SP's target signals as well) but they are not yet wired for operation and the signal masts are turned away from the tracks.

Tony Johnson (Sun, 3 May 1998)


General Railway Signal

The General Railway Signal 2-A upper case semaphores were installed on the B&O line (Cincinnati, Ohio to Indianapolis, Indiana) around 1915. I have a few photo postcards of this rail line giving that date.

Kevin Kohls (Mon, 11 May)


North Dakota Semaphore

There is one [semaphore] just off of broadway bridge in downtown Minot ND. It was there as of 12/97.

Kevin J. Tully (Tue, 19 May 1998)

Updated 5/14/98



The 8 remaining blades in Idaho came down on March 31, 1998. However the rest in Montana are safe for this year as there is no money in the budget for replacements. The Idaho blades were last year's budget project, that spilled over into 1998. Seven are left between Spring Gulch and St Regis, four west of Toole, five between Eddy and Woodlin, five between Belknap (west of Thompson Falls) and Childs, and six between Childs and just west of Trout Creek. Most are away from roads, so are not noticeable. By the way, I discovered one more this last week that I had seen before, but never made note of it. It is on ML, within their yard limits on the Greybull Line, just south of Laurel NX. It is the "D", distance signal to NX, so it is always in the approach position. It can be seen from Interstate 90, or the US highway that runs south from Laurel.

Dave F.
Missoula, MT


Three Nebraska semaphores SURFACE.

There are blades on the Nebraska City Line (photo ) This one is near 20th Street, but it means nothing to our train, which is headed away from CTC in dark territory. I don't even think the one in the photo is capable of displaying an aspect other than approach, at least I've never seen it move. It used to control the approach to the old KC main which WAS CTC, but is now part of the dark branch.

James E. Gilley


One distant semaphore signal at Yutan and another at Fremont

Hi Eric,
I'm working on the photos of the two semaphores. This is a north-south line that isn't very busy so it's a little tough. The light will be good for a few months now so my intention is to go out and get with trains going by. I use a motor drive so it will be no problem to get you some shots. Maybe I'll do that today since I'm sitting trying to decide where to go this afternoon. As for whether they protect an interlocking, I'm not sure. The line does cross the U.P. at Yutan, so the signal would appear to protect the crossing against northbounds (Westbounds according to BNSF even though they travel NE.), but there is a single (S.P. style signal) lens signal protecting it from southbounds. At Fremont they again cross the U.P., but There is another single S.P. style signal protecting that crossing. My guess is that these signals used to protect this block. There was a time when there were no sidings on this block except for the two where the semaphores are located, but that is no longer the case. I need to get myself a new time table. Of course I still can't figure out how they use the signals around here on the former B.N. It is the most confusing situation I've ever seen. I've never seen so many signals anywhere. Anyway, Sometime in the future, I'll be sending you some slides of these two signals.

Talk to you later, Brian


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