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Public Service Announcement: Signals for Sale


Signal Items for Sale in Texas (posted 10/31/01)

-3 GRS Co. model 2A Dwarf semaphores (upper-quadrant), installed by the New York Central RR and used at Grand Central Terminal in NY, NY.

-1 GRS Co. color-position light (99% complete). This is a high signal from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

-1 US&S Co. position-light (complete) from the Pennsylvania RR. (These things are big!)

-1 US&S Co. style S spectacle with lenses and square porcelain yellow blade, nicely restored originally from the Frisco.

-1 pair of re-cast train-order spectacles (Frisco style)

-GRS Co. 2A gate mechanisms, very similar to 2A semaphore mechanisms, great for spare parts!

-Assortment of US&S Co. H2 parts and relay mechanisms (inquire).

All interested parties should contact Brian Blake (Ft Worth, TX) at:

Signal Items for Sale in Ontario, Canada (submitted Fri, 05 Oct 2001)
I have a number of GRS Co model 2A base-of-mast semaphore parts that I am looking to sell. These items include a GRS base-of-mast case (composed of sheet metal and cast-iron), one base-of-mast mechanism, and two 2A electric motors. There is also a 22 foot mast with a top bearing and bottom bell-casting. This item has been lying on the ground for 20 years and thus is in rough shape. I believe the top bearing and bottom bell-castings are cracked, however these components are restorable if someone wants to take the time and energy to do it. I also have two metal pointed blades and two wooden dwarf signal blades, as well as some green and yellow lenses (8-3/8 inch). If a potential buyer is interested, I would restore the mechanism and motor, rewire it and guarantee it is in good working order.
All interested parties should contact Ray Clancy (Ontario, Canada) at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Signal Items for Sale in Washington State (posted Fri,28 Oct 2001)

One Union Switch & Signal Co. Style B double-arm lower-quadrant semaphore. This signal was originally located on the former Southern Pacific Railroad near Central Point, Oregon (MP 446.2). See images below.

This signal is could be easily made operational again and is complete minus the housing for the motor and batteries (i.e. the bottom case is not included). The signal mast is about 19 feet long and comes complete with the proper pinnacle and ladder. The up-and-down rods are slightly bent due to the manner in which the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad removed them during a signal project. With a little bit of effort the up-and-down rods can be made straight again. The spectacles and blades are great condition. I replaced the plastic lens with authentic glass roundels. I also have a couple extra sets of glass roundels, that are be included, in case of breakage. The plastic lenses that the Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad are of little interest however, I did save these and they are also included with the signal. The two cast-iron Adlake semaphore lamps are fully restored and functional (note: one clear glass lamp lens is cracked). Also included is the original double-arm style B mechanism with the electric motor.

I'm asking $1850 for the whole unit with the buyer making the shipping arrangements at his/her cost. I used USF Reddaway and the price from Roseburg, OR to Seattle, WA was very reasonable. The longest components are the up-and-down rods. One of these is just under 28 feet long.

If interested contact me via email at


Douglas B. Tilley