CSX Semaphore Auction NOTICE

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Posted 28 June 2000

Auction - Saturday July 8th, 2000

View some of the signal material up for auction (images from 8/98 while signals were in service).

REMEMBER, this is NOT an Internet auction.

CSX semaphore auction details not covered in the Official Notice *

There will be roughly 25 complete semaphores, 5-7 spare spectacles with blades, 6-8 masts with mechanisms, 3-4 lone mechanisms, and possibly a few spare glass 8-3/8" lenses. Many of these items reflect 85 years of service and thus are in rough condition. If you are at all familiar with these signals this should not be a surprise. Also, there may be a slight shortage of pinnacles due to past problems with criminal trespass and theft.

Winning bidders on complete signals will NOT BE REQUIRED (although it is greatly encouraged and a rare opportunity) to take the entire signal masts. There is some strong language in the Official Notice that suggests "all materials must be removed". The critical point here is that your intentions MUST BE made clear to CSX on the day of the auction. They need to know whether or not they will be stuck with disposing of the excess material (masts, bases, ladder stock, etc). As long as they are notified of your intentions, there will not be a problem. However, if you leave the material behind without telling them, you will be liable. Please remember this detail.

If attending the auction, you will need to meet at the Holiday Inn Express on Saturday morning, July 8, 2000, at 7:00AM local time, located at 320 Conrad Harcourt, Rushville, IN. (Phone 765-932-2999) for auction briefing. Participants will be instructed as to the actual auction site and parties will leave the motel no later than 8:00 AM to view the material.

In plain English; if you do not show up at the Holiday Inn by 8:00 am, you will not know where to go for the auction and thus stand and excellent chance of missing the event. This policy is in place to help reduce the chance of theft. This reality is probably not a new concept to anyone here.

All serious parties, who expect to be in attendance, are asked to contact Semaphores.com. The sole intent here is to gauge the level of interest in this event and thus enable CSX to plan accordingly with managing personnel.

Also, there is good possibility that hot dogs and hamburgers will be available for a small fee (i.e. this event promises to be quite surreal).

Hope to see you there,

Eric Schmelz


* The following is the official CSX auction notice:

---START OF CSX AUCTION NOTICE---------------------------------------------Issued 28 June, 2000---

Auction Sale
Surplus Signal Semaphores
Date: July 8, 2000
Location: Rushville, IN.

CSX Transportation is soliciting bids for the sale of "Retired Semaphore Signals",
currently being removed from service on CSX Indianapolis Subdivision near
Indianapolis, IN.   Semaphores will be sold by Auction to the highest bidder.
Successful Bidder shall submit payment by Check to CSX on date of sale.  A
Bill-of-Sale will be issued to the successful bidder on day of sale, authorizing the
removal of purchased items from CSX property.   Purchased Semaphores etc., not
removed within 3 calendar days from date of sale, will be subject to $200.00 per day
storage fee.
CSX reserves the right to refuse any/all bids

All Semaphore Signal material will be sold as is, where is and shall be the Bidder's
sole responsibility to remove all purchased materials from CSX property.

There is no guarantee of workability on any of these items.

We will meet with Bidders in conference room at the Holiday Inn Express on Saturday
morning, July 8, 2000, at 7:00AM local time, located at 320 Conrad Harcourt,
Rushville, IN. (Phone 765-932-2999) for auction briefing.  We plan to leave the motel
not later than 8:00 AM and progress to equipment site for the viewing of is material.

Auction Sale will start promptly at 11:00 AM.


Archie C. Arthur
CSX Consultant
550 Water Street
Jacksonville,  FL  32202.
904-359-7473 BELL
904-332-7101 FAX
e-mail:  Archie_Arthur@csx.com

This auction consists of three (3) position upper-quadrant semaphore signals which
were first designed in 1908 and manufactured by the General Railway Signal Company
(G.R.S.., Rochester, NY).

These G.R.S. Model 2A top-of-mast (10 volt D.C.) semaphores were originally installed
by the Cincinnati Hamilton and Dayton Railroad (CH&D) around the year 1914. The
Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) then acquired this territory in the 1920's. After many
years, this district was eventually transferred to the Chessie System (1972) and
ultimately CSX (1980).

Amazingly, these signals have been in continued service for over 85 years. This exact
style of semaphore is often displayed prominently at railroad museums and historical
societies, as they have come to symbolize an era when railroads were the favored mode
of all transportation.

These semaphore spectacles and lamps were manufactured to the specification of the
American Association of Railroads, Signal Sections 1040C and 1446B, respectively.
Thus the spectacles require 8-3/8" roundels for color aspects at night while the
lamps utilize 5-1/2" lenses. The blades offered for sale consist of two (2) different
variations, some are wood while others are porcelainized steel.

---END OF CSX AUCTION NOTICE----------------------------------------------------------------