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75th St. Chicago, IL (Opened July 9th, 1908, Photographed June 21st 1995, Closed November 30th 1997, Bulldozed October 5, 1998) Copyright; 1995, Eric A. Schmelz

Semaphore History

A Call for Articles

Interested in writing short articles on semaphore history and preservation?

We'd love to showcase them here.

Please send article topic inquiries and submissions to:

Semaphore History

Read 1919-Sentinels Of The Rail

Read 1930-Passing of the Semaphore Signal.

November 1998 History Article, for your current installment of semaphore history.

Semaphore Preservation

Want to acquire a semaphore, legally?

Read about the experiences of a railfan.

NEW In the July 1999 Preservation Article, Paul Nelson shares his thoughts and experiences on purchasing a semaphore from the Central Oregon and Pacific.

In the May 1998 Preservation Article, Eric Schmelz enlightens us on the finer points of purchasing semaphores.

Please send any information, corrections, or clarifications to:

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Please select an article from the list below. This list will grow in the coming months with your support.


March 99 - Sentinels Of The Rail
November 98 - Declining Semaphores
May 98 - Death by Semaphore


September 98 - Notes On Restoring a Wig-Wag (coming soon)
May 98 - Notes On Buying A Semaphore

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