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Location Stronghold, CA

Stronghold No Longer: Sad news from Northeastern California.

Reported Greg Brown

The former Great Northern semaphores on BNSF at Stronghold, California that protected the diamond with the Modoc Line are now gone. At some point during the summer 1998 they were removed and the new signals were cut in.

Still active as of March 1998 (reported by M.J. Stentz)
Replacement signals are currently standing.

BNSF's ex-Great Northern Bieber Line
crossing UP's ex-Southern Pacific Modoc Line

Single arm (GRS Co. style 2A top-of-mast) semaphores
Protect both sides of the diamond on the BNSF line

See TRAINS March 1998, page 34 for photograph.

Location Los Angeles, CA

Harbor Branch Line of the B.N.S.F.
Four semaphores are still exist in Los Angeles, CA.

All are fixed position semaphores which are still in operation as of 7-11-98.
Information supplied by Steve Crise

The following additional information was kindly supplied by Evan Werkema

These signals are the distant signals for several of crossings of UP lines. These signals are Santa Fe's standard "inoperative approach" signal, and consist of a white wooden post with a black board nailed to it at a 45 degree angle, with a yellow lamp and a big letter "D" on the post (for "distant"). I'm not sure if you'd consider these to be "genuine" semaphores or not, as they could never have been used as regular, operating signals. These inoperative approach signals were relatively common around the former Santa Fe - anywhere they had an interlocking limited to 20 mph where no other approach signal was present.

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