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Updated 6/1/99

Location: Chicago, IL near Clinton St. Tower

Viable Names	

1) Richard B. Ogilvie Transportation Center
2) Metra's Chicago Passenger Terminal
3) Northwestern Station

GRS Co. Style 2A (top-of-mast) "CNW style" spectacles

Signal Bridge #B

	Number of masts = 6
	Number of semaphore spectacles = 21
Signal Bridge #C

	Number of masts = 6
	Number of semaphore spectacles = 11	

All semaphores have been removed from bridges E and F.

Location: Brighton Park Junction, Chicago, IL (updated 4/99)

GRS Co. mechanical semaphores (upper quadrant)
	A Conrail operator moves eight mechanical levers which physically change
semaphore indications. All trains are required to stop, with the semaphores
acting as flag indications. Non-interlocked crossing of the Illinois Central,
Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal, and Conrail.

Confirmed alive and well by Steve Crise 4/99

(If your interested in semaphores and have not seen Brighton Park, your
missing the single coolest place left in the US----my two cent EAS)

Location: Mystery location, Chicago, IL(mystery solved)
	There is a reported semaphore installation between Brighton Park Junction
and 75th Street on the B&OCT with GRS Co. style 2A top-of-mast mechanism, upper
quadrant semaphores. I believe this exists, any additional information would be
greatly appreciated.


49th Street was the only interlocking plant between
75th Street and Brighton Park. From Brighton Park to 49th Street, the
Panhandle was west of the B&OCT. At 49th Street, the two roads crossed.
There was a jointly owned track that ran north from 49th Street on the east
side of the R of W and connected with the Chicago Junction RR. This track
provided access to Leavitt Street Yard and Ashland Ave. Yard for the
PRR and B&O. The diamonds, signals and tower are all gone now.

Information by Bob Lalich

Location: 75th Street Tower,  Chicago, IL
Closed November 30, 1997 (reported by Jon Roma)

	Three mechanical semaphores (GRS Co.) existed prior to closure of this 1908
vintage 132 lever Federal Railway Signal Co. (Saxby & Farmer style) "strong arm"

(see photograph at this site)

Location: Chicago, Ill

Numerous distant fixed position semaphores exist in Chicago but I don't have
specific information on the sites I remember seeing. appreciates
any information which helps fill in holes.

Location: Champaign, Ill

There are two semaphores acting as fixed distant signals. These reside on the
former Peoria & Eastern Line, (then ex-Conrail) now owned by Norfolk Southern
and act as distants to the interlocked crossing with the Illinois Central main
line. One of the home signals at this same interlocking had a power-operated
semaphore in service until the Champaign interlocking was remoted in May, 1993.
Information supplied by Jon Roma

The Eastward semaphore distant signal (west of the interlocking) on the old
P & E (now NS) has been removed and replaced with a fixed amber "searchlight"
style distant signal.  The semaphore distant signal east of the interlocking
(for westward movement) remains intact.

8/27/98 update below by Erik Coleman

Location: Tuscola, IL   GONE!!!

CSX fixed position distant signal (GRS Co.) upper quadrant Westward semaphore
distant signal (just west of the I-57 overpass) on the old B&O has been replaced
by a fixed amber "searchlight" style distant signal in July 1998.

8/27/98 update by Erik Coleman

Location: Kanakakee, IL

There is a semaphore as a fixed distant signal for westward trains approaching
Kankakee interlocking (called "K3" on Conrail), where the IC Chicago District
mainline crosses. The signal is visible from the I-57 overpass.

8/27/98 update by Erik Coleman

Location: Earlville, IL (Gone! - Fri, 16 Apr 1999)

A pair of fixed position distant signals gaurds the diamond of the UP (former
CNW) Troy Grove Branch crossing BNSF main line. The semaphore spectacles are of
the Chicago NorthWestern style.

Information by Eric Schmelz

Yesterday (Fri, 16 Apr 1999), I took a drive through Earlville, IL.  I noticed
that the semaphore on the UP (ex CNW) line was gone. The signal I am describing
is on the south side of the BN line. This is the one easily reached by a gravel
driveway. A new signal has replaced the semaphore. I did not see the signal on
the opposite side of the diamond, but I would bet that it met the same fate.
They were there was there last summer. Was this a recent event? 

Update thanks to J.A. McClune

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