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BNSF (former AT&SF) Illinois Division, Topeka Subdivision

US&S Co. Style T2 upper quadrant semaphores

Note: All remaining T2 semaphores on the Topeka Subdivision have been removed as of 8/1/98

Signal number East (E) or West (W) RR location/ Nearest Town number of semaphores

18.8 E Eudora

37.8 W Lecompton 1 blade on cantilever

40.1 E

48.2 W Tecumseh 1
48.6 E Tecumseh 1

52.2 W Topeka 1
52.6 E Topeka 1

57.2 E Pauline 2 (one on cantilever)
57.7 W Pauline 2 (one on cantilever)

60.0 E

88.6 W W. of Osage City 1

89.1 E

99.8 E W. of Reading 1

BNSF (former AT&SF) Kansas Division, La Junta Subdivision

Update: All remaining Kansas semaphores have been replaced!!!.The last standing blade was just west of Sylvia, Ks as of 5/9/99.

US&S Co. Style T2 upper quadrant semaphores

Signal number East (E) or West (W) RR location/ Nearest Town number of semaphores
234.1-removed from service 9/25/98

236.1/236.2-removed from service 9/25/98

238.1-removed from service Date??

240.1-removed from service 9/25/98

247.1-removed from service Date??


249.1/249.2-removed from service 10/20/98

251.2-removed from service 10/20/98

264.1-removed from service 12/22/98
St. John

266.1/266.2-removed from service 10/27/98
St. John

271.1/271.2-removed from service 12/16/98

279.1/279.2-removed from service 12/16/98

286.0-Gone 5/99

287.0-Gone 5/99




292.2 GONE 4/14/99
E. end of old siding at Lewis 2 blades (ONE ON A CANTILEVER)

W. end of old siding at Lewis 2 blades





Location Cherryville, KS


Former AT&SF crossing of another AT&SF line, both lines now currently owned by a shortline

T2 semaphores are reported to still be actively guarding the diamond. Update: these 2 semaphores have been removed from service and will be posted on the upcoming museum listing (8/98)

Additional information greatly appreciated.

1/3/98 The last cantilever semaphore in North America unfortunately is not much longer for this world. A replacement signal mast has been placed at the east end of Lewis to accomodate a double headed tricolor (one facing west and the other east) to replace the two semaphores. Assuming replacement proceeds from East to West, when they get to Lewis, that's all she wrote for the semaphores in Kansas.

3/7/98 As of 3-3-99 the 11 or so semaphores at and east of Lewis, Kansas are still in place. As per conversation with a knowledgeable signal maintainer, he doubts anything will happen this month as funding is cut back. After first quarter of 1999 however look out, a new budget will be in place for the Signal Dept.

Special Thanks to JH LaGesse
The Final Kansas Semaphores Vanish! 

	On an appropriately gloomy and rainy morning, to be exact on Wednesday
4/14/99 at 10:30 AM , the last remaining operating semaphore on a cantilever
in North America was removed from service. BNSF signal gangs, in an amazing
show of efficiency, wiped out all the semaphores at Lewis, Kansas and moved
eastward claiming at least 3 more. The tally now stands at only 3 semaphores
left in the entire state of Kansas, all of them just west of Sylvia, Kansas.
But, according to the signal maintainers I talked to, the remaining three are
doomed before the first of May. The are supposedly all spoken for by various
railway officials. It appears they have begun to realize their value and

Information thanks to JH LaGesse

Kansas: One Blade Left!!  (Tue, 11 May 1999)        

.....and then there was one......

The two semaphores at the west end of Belpre, Ks. are now removed as of 5/9/99.
The sole surviving movable blade semaphore in the state of Kansas is now just
west of Sylvia, Ks.
                                                                                                                     Information thanks to JH LaGesse

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