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Location: Hyannis, MA (New Tue, 27 Apr 1999)

I found another signal for your list! This one was a little far away
from home. It's in Hyannis, MA near the old roundhouse. No lenses in it,
but it is still along active tracks on the Cape Cod RR.

Information thanks to Gary Smith

Location: Waltham, MA

Waltham Tower (ex B&M-relocated in 1931?) is equipped with a US&S machine 
which controls the line from Beaver Brook to Moody St.The control for the
main line extends from South Acton to Cambridge (Fitchburg Route) and is
handled by GRS machine.  This machine also used to control the Freight
Cutoff when it was in operation. Waltham is the last big bottle neck on
the Fitchburg Route with the short section of single track right in front
of the tower. Waltham Tower retains an ancient, wooden mast, lower quadrant
Train Order semaphore. However TO is not officially in use.

Note: Waltham is the last old B&M tower, and controls South Acton, Waltham,
Hill Crossing, and West Cambridge.

Information kindly supplied by Dave Pierson.	

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