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Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan (Fri, 2 Mar 2001)

I ran across your website and thought I'd make a few additions that I'm not sure
you're aware of. In Kalamazoo, Michigan we have a few objects of interest. There
is one semaphore in service (the only one I have seen this side of the state
besides in Manistee) on the Norfolk Southern, ex-Lake Shore & Michigan Southern
Ry Grand Rapids branch. It is the northward approach to the BO interlocking and
is in a permanent "approach" position, at the crossings of Portage and Vine
streets. The other is a strange sort of is located on the
NS,former Grand Rapids and Indiana southward approach to the interlocking. It is
an active single target signal, but with a metal semaphore-like blade in the
approach position bolted to it.

Thanks to Ben Higdon

Location: Manistee, Michigan (Sat, 15 Jul 2000)

There is a distant semaphore near US-31 crossing north of the drawbridge
over the Manistee River.  It is an approach semaphore used in
conjunction with the absolute signal for bridge alignment at Manistee.
The semaphore is for southbound movements towards the bridge.

Special thanks to Tom LaMaire 

Location: Saginaw, Michigan

A CSX industrial track serving large GM Casting plant.  On the west side of the
N. 16th St (correction N. 6th St). crossing there is
a fixed approach semaphore protecting the junction of this track with the former
Pere Marquette main (as of 10/98).
Special thanks to Rich Frey

Saginaw Semaphore correction (Fri, 26 Jan 2001)

I would like to make a correction for the location of the semaphore in Saginaw
MI, i was there two days ago and discovered it quite by accident since the road
it is off of is a dead end, it is off of N 6th street, and not N 16th street,
there is no N 16th street.

Thanks to Todd Sestero for leading us down the correct path.

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