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Updated 8/5/01


I had been cruising around your site when it dawned on me that you had not updated the Montana page to reflect the semaphores that MRL removed this past October 2000. Below are the ones retired between Thompson Falls and Childs, MT.


Sorry for not letting you guys know sooner. The signal project for this year will retire the ones between Eddy and Woodlin, MT later this summer 2001.

Dave Franz (Missoula, MT)

Montana RailLink (former Northern Pacific)

GRS Co. Style 2A (base of mast mechanism) upper quadrant

Information: Thanks to Tim Harris and Dave Franz

Signal number East (E) or West (W) Paired signals (-P) RR location / nearest town Other infomation
55.6 E Trout Creek(54.0)
55.5 W Trout Creek(54.0)

53.5 W-P E siding switch
53.6 E-P-Colorlight

51.4 E-P

51.5 W-P

49.1 W West Childs (46.4=Childs)

42.2-Removed 10/00 E-P
42.3-Removed 10/00 W-P-Colorlight

40.2-Removed 10/00 E

39.9-Removed 10/00 W

37.7-Removed 10/00 W-P Belknap
37.6-Removed 10/00 E-P Belknap

27.0 E near Woodlin siding
26.9 W near Woodlin siding

25.4 E (26.1) Thompson River Bridge

25.1 W Walk in from Thompson River Bridge

23.5 W near Hwy 200

210.3 W by Clark Fork River Bridge

208.6 E

207.3 P-W Old W. end of Donlan siding
207.2 P-E ( Side road MP 9.5 off MT 135)

205.1 W

GONE!!!!--200.4 E East Toole

GONE!!!!--198.5 W East Toole

197.4 E-P W. St. Regis Stubbies
absolute signal W-P W. St. Regis Stubbies

196.3 W-P E. St. Regis walk in from log loading yard
196.2 E-P E. St. Regis walk in from log loading yard

194.8 E

193.5 W-P

193.6 E-P

192.1 W-P

192.0 E-P

190.5 W

190.0 E

Location: Laurel,MT

There is also one fixed position distant signal (semaphore) to Laurel NX, It can be seen from I-90, or the US highway that runs south from Laurel.

Information: Thanks to Dave Franz

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