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Update 8/04/01

Signal number 224.2 in Endicott, NY is the last style S in service on a Class 1 railroad in the US.

Conrail (former ERIE Railroad) Southern Tier Line

US&S Co. Style S three position upper quadrant (base-of mast mechanism)

Signal number East (E) or West (W) Paired signals (-P) RR location / nearest town
224.2 E Endicott

247.2-GONE 4/01 E Smithboro

249.2-GONE 4/01 E

# unknown-GONE 4/01 E Barton

251.1-GONE 4/01 W-P Ellistown, staggered pair
251.2-GONE 4/01 E-P Ellistown, staggered pair

255.2-GONE E Waverly (GONE!)

Location: New York City

Vestiges of the New York, New Haven & Hartford

I just returned from a rail jaunt out to Illinois (beyond Chicago) from Boston via New York City. After the Hell Gate Bridge but before Sunnyside there is an old small semaphore signal (for northbound traffic) in the middle of a catanary support bridge. I didn't know semaphores were ever in use here. Has anyone else seen this semaphore who might offer some explanatory words? (How did it survive?)

Information supplied by Bob Vogel (Mon, 31 Aug 1998)

Location: Syracuse

Semaphore Discovery (11/9/98)

I went to Syracuse and wound up following the ex NYC Auburn branch (I think), now the Finger Lakes RR. I finally found a gas station, and right accross the street was a real semaphore. It was a fixed-position (fish-tailed blade) semaphore displaying the approach indication, and the lamp seemed to be working. I don't know what its purpose was, (didn't see any crossings around or anything) but it was the real thing. Ever heard of this one?

Information kindly supplied by Ken Kraemer

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