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Location:  Springfield, Ohio

New approach semaphore and titling target  (Sat, 14 Jul 2001)

There is a semaphore on the I&O (former DT&I), in Springfield, Ohio as the
advance signal for the Lagonda Interlocking with the former NYC Mechanicsburg
Branch.  It is on the north side of the crossing in fixed approach with a wooden
blade and broken lenses. There is also a tilt signal located at the 8th Street
Interlocking in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It protects the NS / CSX interlocking.

Thanks to Erik Landrum and Kevin Kolhs

  • Location: Toledo, OH

    Hallett Tower: Ann Arbor RR crossing CSX (ex-Toledo Terminal). For an easy reference point, this is the first interlocking SE of Alexis. A double arm (T2) bracket post semaphore acts as a home signal for the AA. T2 train order semaphore signals also exist at the tower, it is not known if they are still used for TO signaling. If you like photographing semaphores, don't miss this location. Images at: Update Wed, 16 Dec 1998 Special Thanks to "The Blade Library" and David Patch (Toledo, Ohio) The semaphore listed in your website for Hallett Junction in Toledo, Ohio displays only two aspects: Stop and Restricting. The reference to its guarding traffic on the Ann Arbor RR is incorrect. The track it governs actually belongs to CSX. It's the ``back side'' of the old Toledo Terminal RailRoad. Ann Arbor trains do use the trackage, but only on trackage rights. It should be noted that the semaphore only protects traffic heading from the ``back side'' to the CSX mainline nearby. AA and Norfolk Southern trains running from the ``back side'' to the Ann Arbor tracks use a connecting track whose entry into the Hallett interlocking is governed by a PRR-style dwarf signal. The only trains making through movements past the semaphore (which thus require it to display Restricting) are the AA interchange runs to CSX's Boulevard Yard and the CSX switch jobs running to shippers on its remaining portion of the ``back side.'' It's worth noting that Hallett has one of the greatest assortments of signals at a currently active interlocking -- the bracket post absolute semaphore, Train-order semaphores, high-mast and dwarf PRR position lights on the AA, a searchlight on the southbound CSX, and now (as of this past summer) color-light signals northbound on CSX main. Also, there is a fixed-aspect distant semaphore blade for ``southbound'' trains on the old TT approaching ``K'' junction with Conrail's Detroit Line. This semaphore is plainly visible from Laskey Road. Location: Greenwich, OH The Wheeling and Lake Erie RR (former Akron Canton and Youngstown Ry) crosses the CSX mailine (former B&0 RR). Distant fixed position semaphore signals on the W&LE gaurd both sides of the crossing.

    Wed, 11 Nov 1998 The two fixed semaphores on the AC&Y at Greenwich, Ohio, are now gone. The W&LE (former AC&Y) is being removed in favor if trackage rights on the former Big 4 (Conrail to CSX) between GN (Greenwich) and Hiles (New London). Information by Kevin M. Kohls and Dave Verzi Fri, 5 March 1999 It was reported recently that both W&LE (ex ACY) approach semaphores had been removed from the CSX crossing at GREENWICH, OH. Recently Oscar Manhiemerstien, III confirms that westbound semaphore has been removed but that the eastbound semaphore still stands. So there! Location: Hamilton, OH There is a living semaphore in Hamilton, OH on a CSX branch that connects with the Great Miami Railway. The semaphore is a fixed-position distant signal indicating "prepare to stop at next signal". The semaphore is clearly visible from Ohio Rt. 177 (Main Street). Information by Michael Moore. Location: Overpeck Junction, OH There is a blade in a fixed position (approach) on the Middletown side of the tracks at Overpeck Junction. It's just south of the first road crossing. There is also a target type blade siginal at New Miami, east of the yard office on the Middletown side. The C&D is the branch that runs from the main track at New Miami to Middletown. There is a big wye were ore trains leave the main line at Overpeck Junction (Overpeck) and go toward Middletown and do not have to go into the yard at New Miami. The other leg, the C&D, joins east of the yard and goes to Middletown. Information thanks to Mike Leach. On a very sad note: The tilting-target signal at Overpeck Junction was removed in the spring of 2000. I also with much regret, Mike Leach passed away last fall. Reported by Erik Landrum Location: W. of Oxford, OH (GONE as of 7/99) The Eastern most pair of GRS Co. style 2A upper-quadrant semaphores on the CSX (ex B&O) Indianapolis Subdivision are actually in the state of Ohio. The signal numbers are 42.8 (East Bound) and 42.9 (West Bound) and can be easily viewed off of route 27. Signal removal reported by Jerry Romine and Kevin Kohls Location: Chatfield, OH (New 3/7/99) In 1993 and 1994 I worked for the W&LE in Ohio. In addition to the two semaphores you mention at GREENWICH (one of which still exists!) I remember another one on the ACY Line. It was at Chatfield and was the distant signal for eastbounds approaching the diamond with NS. It was fixed in the approach position and not in particularly good shape. This signal has been confirmed as recently as it last summer. It is a standard AAR style, cast spec casting, sheet metal spectacle fixed at 45 degrees. Initial lead by Torsten Rothman and confirmation by Dave Verzi. Update 6/99 Concerning those semaphores on the AC&Y at Chatfield, Ohio. There are two signals there, the west bound approach signal that has been mentioned, and an east bound approach that has not. This signal is about one mile to the west of state route 4 north and is a fixed signal. Suprisingly, the other one is in better shape ! Chatfield (OH) update thanks to Kevin Kohls

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