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Updated 12/98

Junction City, WI

Details: Two semaphores stand as an approach signals approximately one mile north and south of the diamond at Junction City. They are on the on the ex-Milwaukee Road Valley Subdivision. The southbound signal and was retrofitted with a solar panel at some point in time, for the purpose of charging the battery which powers the lamp.

Directions: North on Portage County highway G approximately one mile to Pacyna Road. East on Pacyna approximately one-half mile to grade crossing. The south bound signal is within fifty feet of grade crossing, south of Pacyna

Updated (11/98) information thanks to C J Urban and Galen Fromm.

Black Creek, WI

At Black Creek there are fixed Distant Signal Approach signals on all four sides governing the approaches to the automatic interlocking.WC's Shawano Sub(north/south) and Black Creek Sub(east/west, former GBW)

Updated (11/98) information thanks to C J Urban and Rich Frey.

Junction of Nicolet Badger Northern: NBNR Jct. near Cavour, WI

Update from C J Urban (11/98)-REMOVED

AT NBNR Jct., the diamond and A and B arm semaphores as well as the old CNW smash board and swing gate were removed account the NBNR railroad going out of business---late 95 or early 96. The top arms were motorized for Clear and Stop. The lower arms were nail down Stop. Governing the approaches to these signals were operating Distant Signals displaying Clear and Approach. The eastward Distand Signal was rather hard to get to without a long walk in from were you had to park your car. However, it is too bad your reporter did not know that the the westward Distant Signal was easily seen by parking your car at the Highway 8 underpass and then walking up the bank to trackside where you could look west to see the signal.

Original report from Rich Frey(5-95)

Junction of Nicolet Badger Northern(former CNW) with Wisconsin Central (former SOO). WC east and west sides of diamond protected by GRS semaphores with two blades per mast, top blade is motorized and works in 2 positions, bottom blade is fixed in stop position. NBNR is protected by "Smashboard" consisting of a CNW style spectacle mounted on 10' mast with an 8' tapered blade which fouls the track in the stop position. Could not see approach signals to this interlocking.

Merrillan, WI

I believe there are semaphores governing the approaches to the automatic interlocking at Merrillan, Wis. on the WC's Whitehall Sub(former GBW)---am not sure about the UP(former CNW). I will look myself some day and let you know. Information by C. J. Urban. There are no semaphores on the former GBW at Merrillan WI. The approach signals are GRS semaphore light units fitted with amber roundles and backgrounds. I recall looking over the UP (former CNW) also at this location noting no semaphores. This information correct as of 1996 when I was there.

Updated by Dave Verzi

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