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Location: Wasilla, AK

Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry
P.O. Box 870646
Wasilla, AK 99687

The Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry has 2 semaphores
on display. One is a former Siskiyou Line single arm U.S. & S. Co style B semaphore.
The second signal is the former Palmer Alaska train order semaphore.  
The TO was installed around 1917 while the Alaska Railroad was still under construction, 
however it may have first seen service in Panama.

Location: Nenana, AK

A train order semaphore is installed at the old Nenana Depot on the Alaska Railroad.
The depot is currently a gift shop and town museum.

These are believed to be represent the only restored semaphores in the state.
All information kindly provided by Pat and Casey Durand
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