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Location: Oahu Island

Hawaiian Railway

"Aloha...great site.....I (David Mueller) am with Hawaiian Railway out here and was looking
to get a couple semaphores like Oahu Railway & Land Company had here.    
They were G.R.S. Co. Style 2A top-of-mast upper quadrant semaphores. 
We have the mast and base, just need the rest.
I have talked to Steve Griffin at MRL and he had 4 base-of-the-mast styles left last week
Unfortunately the cost was $1000.
Wow.....can you imagine trying to get two of these to Hawaii !
We run here every Sunday using 2 old Whitcomb engines and 5 cars....13
miles in a one and half hour ride.  Thanks again."

Next time your heading to Hawaii, just toss that extra 2A mechanism and 
spectacle, you had lying around, into your suitcase and drop if off at the Hawaiian Railway.
This would be a worthy case and good tax write-off.
Eric Schmelz