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Location: Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

(Information updated and corrected 2/20/00 thanks to Jerry Crouch)

Street Address:

Midwest Central Railroad
1887 Threshers Rd
Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641

Mailing Address:

Midwest Central Railroad
PO Box 102
Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641

Telephone: (319) 385-2912

There are five U.S.&S. Co. T2 semaphores in operation at McMillian park.
They are in service during the last week of August for the Old Threshers
Reunion. During the rest of the year, the blades and carrier are removed.
We have a 1 mile circle of track with 3 steamers and use these signals as
an absolute block system and follow rulebook operation. 

Location: Moravia, IA

There is mechanical TO semaphore at the Moravia Depot Museum.
Speeder and mining tram cars are also on display. The Iowa Southern 
Interurban Depot is across the street.

Location: Vinton, IA 

A TO semaphore exist in an operating display at the Vinton depot on the 
Iowa Northern (ex Rock Island).

Location: Wilton, IA 

On the Iowa Interstate (ex. Rock Island) a TO semaphore, worthy of 
repair, is displayed at the Wilton depot.

Location: Albia, IA 

A TO semaphore exists at the Albia depot on the Appanose County RR (ex Wabash).

All Information on this page was generously supplied by Samuel Dillion