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Location: Noblesville, IN

Indiana Transportation Museum
P.O. Box 83
Noblesville, IN 46061-0083
Telephone: (317)773-6000

The Indiana Transportation Museum at Noblesville has a set mounted
as train order signals at their Hobbs depot but the semaphores are for
static display only.

Location: Linden, IN 

Linden Railroad Museum
514 North Main Street
Linden, IN
Telephone: (317)339-7245
Located south of Lafayette on U.S. 231 and is 8 miles north of the 
Crawfordsville I-74 interchange.

A mechanical TO semaphore and a classic Monon GRS Co. style 2A are on display.
Both of these signals will be in operating condition in the near future.

Information kindly supplied by Steve Long
Secretary of the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, INC

Location: Purdue University

Basement of the Memorial Union

The club also holds to the history of true railroading with two signals, 
a Monon semaphore and a Pennsy light (see PRRC homepage). Both of these 
railroad artifacts are original and are on display in working condition. 
The Monon semaphore was a donation from Monon in 1953 while the Pennsy 
signal was a donation by Conrail in 1993.