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Location: Cherryvale, KS

Heart of the Heartlands
PO Box 393
Cherryvale, KS 

"The 2 semaphores at Cherryvale KS have been taken down and saved by a
group called HEART OF THE HEARTLANDS which I (Dave Gentry) am a member.
 One of them will be put up by the Cherryvale depot but not track side. 
The other will go up at an old MO-Pac depot at Carona KS  (SE
part of KS). This depot is also part of the HEARTLANDS GROUP. The SKO
railroad took the semaphores down and gave them to the group. " 

Information kindly supplied by Dave Gentry

Location: Wichita, KS

Great Plains Transportation Museum
P.O. Box 2017-C
Wichita, KS 67201-5017
Telephone: (316)263-0944

Please note the Great Plains Transportation Museum has recently acquired a pair of single blade 
semaphores that were located in Marion, Kansas. These were former AT&SF units that guarded the 
crossing with the Rock Island now UP. The former SantaFe line was bought by the Central Kansas RR several
years ago and was washed out by flood waters in 1994 the line was not rebuilt and was abandoned and sold for
scrap in 1996. The CKR donated the units to the museum however the blades were stolen from the signals about 
4 weeks prior to the removal of the signals from the right of way.

Information kindly supplied by John Deck 

If you have information concerning the current whereabouts of the Marion blades 
please contact John at (