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Location: Essex, MT

Izaak Walton Inn
P.O. Box 653T
Essex, MT 59916
Telephone: (406)888-5700

The semaphore in Essex is complete (GRS Co. style 2A base-of-mast upper quadrant), 
and sits behind the Izaak Walton Inn parking lot adjacent to the Inn Annex.
Signal Number 11766

At Glacier National Park, a GN built hotel is on the now BNSF mainline. 
Hosts railfan activities and features several guest rooms in cabooses.

Location: Whitefish, MT

A GN single-blade semaphore is preserved in the parking lot of the
Whitefish American Legion Hall, just west of the Whitefish Amtrak

The above information generously supplied by David R. Busse

Location: Missoula, MT

A beautifully-preserved ex-NP semaphore sits in the front 
yard of Montana Rail Link Roadmaster Mark Simonson in Missoula, MT
(on Old Grant Creek Road) 

At the NP depot in Missoula, a pair of NP semaphores sits with an NP locomotive on public display.
They are located at the Depot Grill/Depot Pub. 
Equipment was placed by the Northern Pacific Railway. 

Information generously supplied by David R. Busse and Kyle.

Location: Livingston, MT

Peak County Museum
One NP semaphore. No additional information.

Location: Billings, MT

Peter Yegen Jr. Yellowstone County Museum

Located atop the rimrocks overlooking the city if Billings and the
Yellowstone River Valley. American locomotive #1031 has been on display
at the museum since it was gifted by the N.P. in 1955. It is currently
undergoing a renovation including a new cover for the engine and interpretive
display with a semaphore and wigwag crossing signal. The museum has a small
number of other railroad items.

1950 Terminal Circle
Billings, MT 59105
Telephone: (406)256-6811
Alternate telephone: (406)250-0163
Fax number: (406)256-6811


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