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Location: Plymouth, NH

A notable semaphore is the style B that I and three of my friends
restored in Plymouth, NH.  It is located on the state owned White Mountains
line from Concord to Lincoln and was the last signal on the line (W518).
Years ago we made repairs and restored it to full operation "just for the
heck of it" and were rewarded with compliments from all concerned.  We even
track circuited it for pseudo operation but it conveys no actual indication
today.  The unit still stands today (without ladder to prevent theft) and
is quite a sight.  It is the only former B&M style B to be restored in an
original location.

Information supplied by Scott Whitney

Location: North Conway, NH

Conway Scenic Railroad
P.O. Box 1947
North Conway, NH 03860
Telephone: (603)356-5251

Conway Scenic Railroad has one operating Boston and Maine (U.S. & S. Co. style B) double arm  
lower quadrant semaphore in North Conway. Since it is the only signal on the line,
I assume it is more of a demonstration rather than for actual use in train operation.
Steam excursions, diesel excursions, dinner trains run to Crawford Notch, Bartlett or Conway.

Information supplied by Paul Williams

Location: Whitefield, NH

A rare Ball Signal remains in service at the junction (Former B&M-MEC diamond). 
This is basically a museum piece.