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Location: Remsen, NY (Fri, 2 Apr 1999)

	The Remsen Developement Corp in Remsen, NY is currently rebuilding the
Remsen depot and we have a semaphore that was purchased by an individual and
donated to our group. We hope to have it installed at our depot sometime by
early summer. I don't have the specifics as to what style it is but when I do
I'll let you know.
	Remsen is located about 20 miles north of Utica, 90 miles west of Albany and
about 60 miles northeast of Syracuse, NY. Our town sits on the southwest edge of
the Adirondack Park in Oneida county. The original line that ran through Remsen
was the Utica & Black River RR in 1855, this line ran from Utica to Boonville
and later to Carthage, NY. The next line that was built was the Mohawk & Malone
which entered the village in 1892 from Herkimer.  This line was put in by Dr.
William Seward Webb and went through to Lake Placid NY & Montreal. Both of
theses lines were bought by the New York Central RR and became their Adirondack

Information thanks to

Mike Piekielniak
Remsen Developement Corp.

Location: Thendara, NY

Adirondack Scenic Railroad
P.O. Box 84
Thendara, NY 13472
Telephone: (315)369-6290

A single blade upper quadrant GRS Co. train order semaphore exists
in good condition, and operates with levers from the station bay window office.

Information kindly supplied by Douglas J. Ellison (General Manager)

Location: Industry, NY

Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad Museum (NRHS-Rochester)
P.O. Box 664
Rochester, NY 14603
Telephone: (716)533-1431

Location: Industry/Rush NY-Take I RT 390 to exit 11 (1 exit s of NYS Thruway)
head west on RT251 approximately 2 Miles, turn N on E River Rd 1mi turn left
to enter. Comments: 1908 restored rural Erie Depot, 5 operating locomotives,
2 miles of track for track car ride between New York Museum of Transportation
and R&GVRR Museum. Indoor and outdoor exhibits include photo, and transportation
items with local RR and transportation interests. Open Sunday 11am-5pm year
round. Adults $4, child $2 seniors $3. limited winter schedule.

Last year members erected an ex-Erie (U.S. & S. Co. style S) semaphore which
is fully operational and guards the approach from our mainline to our depot
yard.Also a TO semaphore exists right infront of the station.  I will have to
get a photo of it up on our website,, for you to take a look at. It is really nice to see it work!  We will eventually have our 2 mile
railroad, which we built between our museum and the New York Museum of Transportation, fully signaled and will be putting up more semaphores as
well as a representative sampling of other signal equipment.   
Information kindly supplied by Chris Hauf.

Location: Salamanca, NY

Salamanca Rail Museum
170 Main Street
Salamanca, NY 14799
Telephone: (716)945-3133

A former B.R. & P. Ry. GRS Co. style 2A top-of-mast upper quadrant semaphore is
on display.Museum in old Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh RR passenger Station.
Station/ Freight station next door along with a few old rail cars. The museum
itself features a variety of RR equipment.

Location: Munnsville, NY

A mechanical TO semaphore exists at the former New York, Ontario & Western
station at Munnsvile, NY. Private Museum owned by John R. Taibi.
Please call before visiting (315-495-6721)

Location: Eden NY

Buffalo Southern Railroad
A U.S. & S. Co. TO semaphore exists at the ex ERIE station at Eden.

Location: Oriskany Falls, NY.  

A train order board is located at a trailer park north of town, current as of 4/98.

Location: Middletown, NY.  

A N.Y. O. & W.  train order board is displayed at the Middletown station.

Information thanks to Kenneth Hojnacki.