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Location: Winnsboro, SC

South Carolina Railroad Museum Inc.
110 Industrial Park Road
Winnsboro, SC 29180-9462

OR:  PO Box 7246, Columbia, SC 29202

Telephone: (803)796-8540
SC RR Museum

A museum with diesel excursions operating on the 12 mile former Rockton & Rion Railway. 
Open 1st and 3rd Saturday May through Nov.

A  U.S. & S. Co. single arm (upper quadrant two position-style not given) is on display.
Installed along the line about 1000' from the first switch of the Rocton Yard.
It functions, but at present is not connected to anything and is only lit for photography.
Plans are to eventually use the signal as a yard entrance signal.

"We recently received a donation of the conrtrol handles for the Laurens, SC order boards. The signals themselves are still intact at the Laurens depot, but the control handles are stored in the museum gallery. They'll be put on display in some way soon. We're looking for a donation of a double order board with mast that we can hook the handles up to." -Matt Conrad Thanks to Matt Conrad and Marc Burcham