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Location: Pasadena, TX

" I (Cliff) was able to obtain a Style B double arm semaphore from the SP about 
10 years ago.  It came out of Hemstead, TX and was the home signal to
Hemstead yard.  I now have this in working order in my front yard, and can
control the movement of the blades with a remote controller.  I am real proud
of it, and have established a landmark in Pasadena, Texas.  
I also have a working wig-wag in the yard, which came off of the
Southern Pacific in Daton, Texas. 

Applause should be directed to Cliff C

Location: Galveston, TX

Galveston Railroad Museum
123 Rosenberg Avenue
Galveston, TX 77550
Telephone: (409)765-5700

The Galveston Railroad Museum has two semaphores installed at the north end of
the yard. Also three cabooses are on display.

Information supplied by Don Harper (Texas A&M)

Location: Dublin, TX

There is a train order semaphore at the former MKT depot in Dublin, TX currently
used by the Texas Central shortline. 

Thanks to Dennis Hogan

Location: Dallas, TX (new 7/1999)

Age of Steam Railroad Museum at Fair Park (Dallas, TX)

Home page:

Owned and operated by the Southwest Railroad Historical Society. The Age of
Steam Railroad Museum was established in 1963 in an effort to preserve a
vanishing part of America's heritage, the steam-era of railroading. Several rare
and unique pieces of rolling stock were assembled during the museum's formative
years, some of which were literally within sight of the scrapper's torch.
Considered today as one of the finest collections of historic railway equipment
in the nation, the Age of Steam continues to preserve a part of our industrial
and transportation past. The museum is dedicated to the presentation of railroad
artifacts and archival material for interpretive display to the public. It also
serves as a resource to the railroad industry for historical and technical

The Age of Steam Railroad Museum also has two block semaphores and one train
order semaphore on display.

Age of Steam Museum 
1105 Washington Street, Fair Park 
(214) 428-0101 

Information thanks to 

Robert A. Willis 
President, Southwest Railroad Historical Society
The Age of Steam Railroad Museum