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In Progress... ON HOLD. (9/21/98)

Location: Promontory, UT

Promontory Historic Railroad to use Semaphores

" I am Shane at Sinewave Technologies. I thought that I
would let you know that when the construction starts on the Promonory
Railroad  the signals will be lower quadrant Harriman style Semaphores.
They have asked me to build the track structure and the signal system.
When they approached the signal supply companies to build old style
semaphores the price was absolutely ridiculous. The railroad will be 29
miles long and will be signaled. Any one who knows where some blades are
let me know , if there aren't many, they can easily be manufactured .
I'm looking for all the help I can get on aspects and any other
information that I can get to help make it a little easier. It may be a
little while before this actually gets under way , but it is all go!
Right now the engineering study is under way, and the biggest obstacle
is the chevron pipeline but that is not going to be a problem much
longer, we are just simply going to go to the side of it. Because right
now it is on the original right of way. It is going to be a neat
railroad when it is up and running. Im going to try to convince them to
start one end at Corrinne and the other end at Promontory and we will
meet in the middle somewhere the second time around, pretty cool
huh? " 

I hope this is true, but it sounds too good to be accurate. Eric Schmelz
Subject: Re: Promontory Historic Railroad Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 17:24:05 -0600 Eric Schmelz wrote: > Dear Shane, > > A few months ago you wrote of your involvement in > > building the track structure and the signal system for the Promontory > Historic Railroad. > I mentioned a future source of U.S. & S. Co. Style B semaphores from the > CORP (former Siskiyou Line) in Oregon. They have still 120 of these > things!!, all which are going to be retired within the next few years. > I'm personal friends with the Signal Supervisor out there and would love > to help out with this deal if your still considering it. > > I would love to hear more details about this project. > Where is the money comming from? How much has been allocated to the > signal system? > Rough completion timelines for this project. 2005? Any guesses? > > I look forward to hearing more about this, > > Eric Schmelz
On HOLD. Dear Eric The Promontory Railroad will probably not be built any time soon. They have hit a snag with the BLM. Also, I am moving to Alaska. I have been hired on as an engineer up there. I will be leaving in March of next year.I am going to forward your E-mail address to the man who is trying to head this up. His name is Dr. Mike Burdette. Thanks for your help. Best Regards Shane