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(South of Roseburg, OR 8/96) © 1996, Eric A. Schmelz
"NOTE: This installation was removed from service on 5/30/98."

Semaphore Resources

In theory, forest products hauled out of Oregon on the Siskiyou Line represent renewable natural resources. However, the U.S.&S. Co. style B semaphores which are illustrated (above) were patented in 1898, installed in 1912, and represent non-renewable resources.

It's up to people like yourself to help determine whether a semaphore's final destination will be a local museum, town park, private collection, or, by default, a scrap-iron pile. We are attempting to supply the railfan community with the basic information needed to help anyone interested in this worthy cause.

Semaphore Lists

Use our comprehensive semaphore lists to find semaphores out in the field or preserved in a museum near you!

Semaphore Images

View a selection semaphore photographs captured by Eric Schmelz, as seen in TRAINS, RailNews and Railpace.

New Section (2/22/00) of tower and semaphore images generously donated by veteran Dave Verzi

This section also features other railfan photographers!

History of Semaphores

Join us in the preservation of semaphore history.

Read about topics that range from "Buying a semaphore" to "Supreme Court decisions involving semaphores".

Railroad Links

(Expanding in the near future) Links to many railroad web sites!

Please let us know of GREAT sites you'd like to see listed here.

Please send any information, corrections, or clarifications to:

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