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Railroad Signal Web Sites

Site Name Site Address Site Description
Xingman's Home Page This site is a collection of tutorials, pictures, thoughts, and stories of a shortline signal maintainer on the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad (CORP).
Signaling Site by Carl Barneyback an Online Historical Reference of Railroad Signal System aspects and indications
Edaville Railway New 10/00
Connecticut Electric Railway-Connecticut Trolley Museumhttp://ceraonline.orgNew 10/00

America's Oldest Electric Railway Museum


Dan Furtado has assumed the challange of listing all remaining wig-wags in the US. Please check out his site and share with him your expertise.
Cody Erben's Signal Images

A few images of great signal installations in the Western US.
Dawn Holmberg's Semaphore Pages

Some interesting images of fallen sentinals in Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Amtrack's Talgo on the Central Oregon and Pacific

Larry Tuttle shares his images of Amtrack's Talgo passing vintage signals on the old Siskiyou Line.
Semaphore Signals on the Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh

Stephen J. Hoyle presents the indications and meanings of B.R.& P. Ry semaphores.
The Central Oregon and Pacific Home Page

Spend some time with signal maintainer Rick Perry as he works on both ancient semaphores and state-of-the-art crossing protection.
The Signal Box

An excellent site for British Cabins (Towers)
Railroad Rules, Signalling, Operations
Canadian Railway Telegraph History
North American Signals: Types and Location
North American railroad interlocking towers and cabins
Semaphore signals on MRL
Road Signal and Railway Signal
The Signal Guide
PRR Interlocking Diagrams
Bluebell Railway - Signal Boxes
Topeka Railroad Days Excursion Train
EL Structures
DeLorme: CyberRouter

Additional Railroad Web Sites

Site Name Site Address Site Description
NorthWest Railshttp://www.northwestrails.comNew!

Railnews for the Pacific NorthWest (by Matt Robbins and Daniel Sheets)

Professional Steam, Diesel, and Semaphore Photographs for Sale
Penn Valley Pictures!

The Bullsheet New!
National Militant Railfan Oraganization New!
NMRA Directory of World Wide Rail Sites New!
The Railfan Network New!
Ontario & Western Railway Historical Society New!
The Monon Railroad Historical and Technical Society New!
Henderson Roundhouse & Back Shops New!
Those Classic Trains New!

"Beginning A Century-long Tradition Of Fine Modelmaking"
Long Live Light Rail New!

"A Personal Website Designed for the Growth and Advancement of the Light Rail Industry"
Railroad & Transit at The JoeKorNer New!
The School Car New!

Bringing the Three R's to Newfoundland's remote railway settlements, 1936 - 1942. A Railway Book...and More!
Friends of the Chicago & Alton Depot, Inc. New!

A Group which has saved and is restoring the 1879 Chicago & Alton depot
Joe Fugate's Siskiyou Line New!

HO layout modeling the Siskiyou Line from Cottage Grove to Dillard.

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