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Authentic glass 8-3/8" convex roundels produced by the original manufacturer.

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SEMAPHORE LENSES, authentic glass 8-3/8" convex roundels. Original manufacturer, AAR color specifications (Red, Yellow, Green). $CALL FOR PRICE$ plus S&H. NY residents add sales tax appropriate for your county. SOLD OUT! For more information, call

Information. During the last 25 years, it was commonplace for a railroad to replace broken glass lenses with newer plastic ones. However, over time, plastic lenses are aged by the sun and turn completely opaque, a far cry from the original railroad specification for high light transmission. Original glass replacement lenses for missing, broken, or scratched semaphore spectacles have been almost entirely unavailable in any quantity. Until now.

To meet our customers needs, we are offering glass semaphore lenses (produced by the original manufacturer) in the three most common colors used during the last century. These authentic glass semaphore lenses (8-3/8" convex roundels) are available in RED, YELLOW, and GREEN, and meet with original AAR color specifications. These lenses are IDENTICAL to those originally supplied to the railroad industry (1920 to 1960). Our manufacturer has dusted off the original molds and is making one more run of glass semaphore lenses.

We are inviting you to take this unique opportunity to properly restore the semaphore signals which you currently have on public display, or may have stored away because of the lack of quality lenses. Unlike plastic lenses, these original glass lenses never lose their shine or clarity. A new set of authentic glass semaphore lenses will revitalize your historic signal display, bringing back the magic of the last century of signalling!

Ordering Options:


(1) Call us at (SOLD OUT) and place your order - or leave a message and we'll return your call that evening.

(2) E-mail your order to: ohnmeiss@wzrd.com, and mail your check or money order made out to Thomas Ohnmeiss to:


(( SOLD OUT )) >

(3) Mail your order and your check or money order made out to Thomas Ohnmeiss to the above address.

Payment Options

We currently accept Personal Checks, Cashier Checks, and Money Orders.

PLEASE make payment to : Thomas Ohnmeiss

Please send any information, corrections, or clarifications to: railfan@semaphores.com



Please call
to purchase Lenses.


(( Sorry, SOLD OUT! ))

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Pricing (SOLD OUT)

No. of LensesPriceS&H
1 CALL $10
2 CALL $10
3 CALL $10
4 CALL $20
5 CALL $20
6 CALL $20
7 CALL $30
8 CALL $30
9 CALL $30

Shipping & Handling

Add $10 for 1 to 3 lenses (see chart above for more than 3 lenses), call for volume and shipping discounts. Lenses are approx. 1.25 lbs. each.

New York State Residents: Sales Tax

Add appropriate sales tax for your county, IF you are having items shipped to New York State. Please let us know in which county you reside.

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